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eBook: Entrepreneurs At Work – Business Starting Point

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You’re a busy bee.

With a lot on your plate.

And a lot of balls to juggle.

Pretty much ‘standard operating mode’ for entrepreneurs-at-work, right?

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Of course, with so much on your mind, it’s easier than you think to miss a few beats. Okay, so you have your checklist, or scattered post-its, or stacks of to-do lists, or all of the above. Would you be willing to acknowledge the possibility that you might forget something important? Something really crucial? We’ve all been there, and done that.

One thing we know for sure, is that we entrepreneurs hate to be stopped in our tracks, or (worse yet) having to put things into reverse. Going backwards – to undo what you thought was good enough – kind of thwarts your kinetic motion, doesn’t it?

And so, we wanted to reach out and help you strengthen your company’s legal underpinnings (from the onset), with a very common sense approach to the many tasks you will be undertaking.

[tweet_dis]Linkilaw is happy to introduce the first in a series of ebooks – written specifically with the UK entrepreneur in mind: Entrepreneurs At Work – The Business Starting Point.[/tweet_dis]

Expect much more than a checklist when you download our ebook for entrepreneurs. Because we know that entrepreneurs have an inherent need to understand the reasons behind things (before they do them), we’ve included extra tips and advice with our core details. And LOTS of useful links to just the information you need to complete each step.

Are you ready to lay a solid foundation for your new business, one that is legally sound and logically defining? Here’s a quick peek at the topics we’ve included to start you on your path:

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Choosing a Business Name

  • Why you need a unique business identity
  • How the Internet will come into play
  • When and how to secure a trademark

Your Legal Business Structure

  • How various legal vehicles differ from one another
  • Advantages of choosing specific structures
  • Important co-ownership rules to consider

The Essentials of Choosing a Great Location

  • Gauging whether the environment is a good fit
  • Local business incentives you should look for
  • Advice to consider before signing a lease

Here at Linkilaw, we truly believe that having a grasp on the way things fit together will help to encourage and inspire your best entrepreneurial efforts. [tweet_dis]We’re hoping that you will share this post with friends, family and associates who are contemplating their own UK startups![/tweet_dis]

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