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Happy Friday! It’s time for our weekly collection of web-wide posts – from advice on your first e-commerce site to a look at significant teamwork between financiers and startups, along with a peek into Ikea’s work culture, and the debut of our first ebook!

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E-Commerce Advice From Start-Up CEOs

Author Chad Deatherage credits a study by Shop Direct for showing that 95pc of British people purchase their goods through online retailers. Of those transactions, 36pc are completed on a smartphone or tablet. With a trend this defining, he claims this as the perfect time to start an e-commerce business.

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The post offers an intriguing Q&A session between the CEOs of 2 very different e-commerce companies (TheChapar and Snaptrip). Subjects tackled include: what made them start their business, the greatest challenge they’ve faced, what they do differently from the competition, and a word of advice for those wanting to pursue an e-commerce venture.

Of course, selling your products and services right from your website entails putting additional security features into place for your customer’s peace of mind. You’ll also want to consult a lawyer concerning online business laws, such as protecting your Intellectual Property with trademarks, patents and registered design rights.


Ikea’s Distinctive And Positive Organisational Culture

Author Jim Riley takes a look at the strong organizational culture of Ikea, listing the comments from the following video in his post as stand-out points for why one would want to work there. Take Ikea’s “how well you would fit” test which offers ten situations and choices of actions.

And, while we’re on the subject, take a deeper look at company culture in general;  the do’s and don’ts, what’s important to your employees, and how to do it right.

RBS Turns Goodwin’s Opulent Executive Wing Into Small Business Hub

The once infamous executive suite at Royal Bank of Scotland has become an entrepreneurial hub for startups – the result of this former bailed-out bank’s attempt to revive its reputation as a champion for small business. RBS’s chief executive Ross McEwan says, “We are opening up our headquarters so that we can support Scottish businesses of tomorrow, not just with infrastructure, but through the chance to collaborate with experts and other like-minded business owners.”

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There’s quite an interesting convergence happening throughout the UK and its neighbor to the west. Banks and developers are getting more involved all the time with entrepreneurs on a ‘grass roots’ level. By either providing free physical spaces, or collaborating with co-workspace providers, investors are effectively rubbing elbows with the newest and brightest business owners.

This week, we touched upon a couple of new developments taking shape. One, a new joint venture between Ulster Bank and Dogpatch Labs – to expand the caves beneath their facility for budding entrepreneurs and the bank’s innovation team. Another, the collaborative efforts of Central Working and British Land – to provide a London location for startups (an opportunity of a lifetime).

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