Start Up Packs

Get your business to go the distance – with the legal documents you need not just to start up, but to get up and go!

Whether you’re a Founder, an Employer or a Website Owner of the future, we have the robust legal contracts that will get your business going from zero to one hundred real quick!

They say if you have the drive, you can build your own legacy – but life can (and will) throw whatever it can at you! Swerve expensive legal disputes, headache and stress, and make your journey to startup success as smooth as possible with The Startup Packs from Linkilaw.

Sadly, if you’re like most new businesses, you’re probably unaware of your legal obligations. We get it. You’re busy building your business.

Sales, marketing, product offering, recruitment, premises, delivery and finance is enough work for 6 people and yet there’s only one of you.

So if someone was to say to you: ‘You need to get your legal contracts sorted’, we can understand why you’d feel overwhelmed and move into procrastination mode.

After all, you might think, no-one’s likely to take you to court till you’re uber successful, and then of course… by then you can afford your very own Robert Shapiro (he’s the guy that helped to get OJ off, in case you didn’t know!).

We wouldn’t blame you if you were tempted to copy and paste something from Google, hope for the best and use your ‘savings’ to help fund your future growth. Hear us loud and clear when we say “Do not do this!”

Avoid the online templates like the plague! The pain that comes from using them, even if you don’t feel it for a while, will be unbearable!

So, let’s start with where we can agree.

Lawyers charge too much. Yes we said it.

They charge way too much. In London we’re looking at some who are charging £800/hr. Some people shine bright like a diamond, but it looks like lawyers just might live and breathe on them.

And sometimes, let’s be honest, you’re screwed with how quickly the time goes.

Lawyer: Can I get you a cup of coffee.

You: No.

Because that coffee would have cost a few quid.

But alas, we shouldn’t stereotype lawyers too much…

With a clever vetting programme and long and hard searches –  we’re proud to say we’ve found some of the best lawyers around. That’s why we’re a legal marketplace. We’ve tasted fruit from the forbidden tree. Sometimes it tasted bitter, but we’ve lived to tell the tale.

We’ve been able to spot the lawyers we’d strongly recommend, as well as those, quite frankly, you categorically need to stay clear of.

But let’s disagree about something.

Copying and pasting from Google gives you about as much protection as jumping out of a plane with a bin bag over your head.

Don’t take a leap of faith with these documents – you need good contracts, you need to be legally compliant and you need documentation that’s written with your business needs in mind.

Otherwise you risk losing everything.

Don’t work 18 hours a day, give up your weekends and sacrifice your sleep just for someone to come along and take what you’ve built away from you. You need the cover.

Otherwise you could lose it all – just because you didn’t take the time to put in the appropriate legal protection.

Get the legal contract that you need now.