Scale up


“I want a check-up on my contracts and make sure everything is in place.” – Logan, Founder of InvestMap App

Logan created the InvestMap App 5 years ago with one of his long-term colleagues, Lauren. InvestMap is the tool for people who never invested and want to start. Via the app, the consumer learns about how to make wise and long-term beneficial choices; is invited to invest at the right time, and gets updated on the next gold mine. 

Logan and Lauren already have a few consultants and their app has been adopted increasingly that it’s now difficult for them to manage their activity with their original team. They now want to implement more structure into InvestMap in order to get more staff and be able to get to the next level.

Logan comes to Linkilaw and expects to review the first contracts that have been drafted when he started his business and get more for his new coming employees. He is very keen on ticking boxes and making sure that InvestMap is secure as it goes on.


Contracts (drafted by specialist lawyers) 9 contracts
Drafts allowed per contract 1 draft
Type of communication Digital + calls
Priority of service Over non-members and digital members
Speed of contract turnaround 7 working days
Annual business reivew conference call Included
Bonus legal advice 30 minutes per contract
£8,600/year or £750/month