Raising Funding Membership


“We are scaling up but we want to make sure we get everything updated and in place too.” – Liam, Co-Founder of WineToGo

Liam is the co-founder of WineToGo. His business sources wine from a large network of wine producers and helps their customers select the best wines for their taste to get delivered to their homes. He founded his business with 3 co-founders (Lance, Lily and Larry) and has a shareholders’ agreement in place. The four of them met at university and decided to build their marketplace.

Lance and Larry are passionate about wine and have a background of oenology. Lily is a developer; she built the first platform and collaborated with Liam on business-related matters. They all work in a small office in North London.

After 1.5 years in business, WineToGo features a first selection of 20 UK wine providers and developed its activity in London. However, the business requires funding to expand to the UK (especially Manchester and Birmingham).

Liam and his co-founders are looking towards the future and are happy to get legal advice. They have a focus on investment but also want to explore the possibility of needing future contracts. They plan on having more team members in the near future (business development consultants to prospect wine producers and developers). Liam and his co-founders want to know what to expect and they should have in place for their growing company.


Contracts (drafted by specialist lawyers) 5 contracts
Drafts allowed per contract 4 drafts
Type of communication Digital + calls + in-person meetings
Priority of service Over non-members and digital members
Speed of contract turnaround 5 working days
Annual business review conference call Included
Bonus legal advice Unlimited
£7,500/year or £650/month