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“My businesses are successful and I want legal services in the long term” – Lynn, Founder of

Lynn is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 6 businesses and successfully exited 3 of them. Her sixth and last business is a sustainable fashion brand that retails exclusively online on her website,

Lynn is currently generating a stable £4 million a year of revenue and makes between £750,000 and £950,000 of net profit yearly. She really loves being able to bring sustainability and awareness to one of the most polluting and wasteful industries on the market, and now wants to stop building businesses to just focus on this one.

Unlike her previous businesses, Lynn does not want to sell. She wants to stay managing director for the foreseeable future, as ConsciousDressToImpress grants her a job she loves and stable, high income.

Lynn has used Linkilaw previously in her other businesses and loved the work they did for her. It was made easy, accessible, and affordable. She loves being a Linkilaw member because she feels the Linkilaw team is focused on the long-term and on maintaining an honest, professional and friendly relationship with her and her business. Amelie, her dedicated legal point of contact is also a fan of sustainable fashion and loves wearing ConsciousDressToImpress.


Contracts (drafted by specialist lawyers) 6 contracts
Drafts allowed per contract 3 drafts
Type of communication Digital + calls
Priority of service Over non-members and digital members
Speed of contract turnaround 5 working days
Annual business review conference call Included
Bonus legal advice 30 minutes per contract
£9,000/year or £800/month