“I want to get legal work sorted with a moderate budget.” – Lara, App developer

Lara is an app developer who created custom mobile applications for startups. She often works from her clients’ offices to get immediate feedback on her work. When she’s not working from a client’s office, she works from a co-working space or from a local cafe. Her accountant recently told her she should create a business entity for tax and liability purposes.

Lara’s business is already taking off, so she has a moderate budget to spend on getting her legal work sorted. She knows she wants to incorporate her business, write her own terms of business to use with clients (instead of just accepting the terms they provide her with), and make sure her new website has the documents it needs, but she’s not confident in her legal knowledge. She wants access to legal advice for all the small questions that pop-up day-to-day.

Lara loves working with Linkilaw because her dedicated legal point of contact, Gillian, is knowledgeable, responsive and friendly. She likes that Gillian knows and understands her business and long-term goals. The legal solutions Lara receives from Linkilaw are not only accurate, but they are also commercially-minded and thoroughly thought through.

Lara is grateful to have been introduced to Linkilaw by a friend and she now recommends the Linkilaw membership to her clients.


Contracts (drafted by specialist lawyers) 3 contracts
Drafts allowed per contract 5 drafts
Type of communication Digital + calls
Priority of service Over non-members and digital members
Speed of contract turnaround 7 working days
Annual business review conference call Included
Bonus legal advice Unlimited
£4,000/year or £350/month