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Over 80% of the highest valued businesses have multiple founders.

Every year, 65% of high-growth start-ups fail because founders create a cycle of miscommunication. Finding a good co-founder is the key ingredient of any successful startup.



    Shareholders 1

    You can never really be sure of anyone’s personal goals or priorities until there is a crisis situation which forces them to the surface.

  • 90%
    Of problems in any relationship, professional or personal, can be down to misunderstanding as a result of lack of communication.
    If there are minor differences in personal agendas and expectations, problems still arise.


    “People naturally grow defensive when their goals or priorities are threatened.”

Shareholders - info We can help you maximise your relationship to enhance your business’ performance.

How We Can Help

Shareholders 1 We have successfully delivered over 1,000 shareholder and investor agreements.

Shareholders 2Our CEO was awarded Forbes 30 under 30, and our company is recognised as a market leader in the provision of technology led legal solutions for startups and SMEs.

Shareholders 3We have a reputation for high quality, valuable and educational approaches to solving industry issues.

The Benefits

Shareholders - equity split

Obtain a fair equity split based on your strengths, experience and skills.

Shareholders - company culture

Create a company culture set in stone which reflects your best attributes.

Shareholders - clarity

Making things clear will increase the likelihood of your business surviving.

Shareholders - conflict

Reduce the likelihood of conflict with your co-founder from arising.

Individual Solutions

Shareholders 1.1

Memorandum of Understanding
From £650+VAT

✓ Memorandum of Understanding (Questionnaire)
Memorandum of Understanding (Document)
Memorandum of Understanding (Guidance Notes)
Follow-up session in 3 months

Shareholders 2.1

Shareholders’ Agreement
From £925+VAT

Shareholders’ Agreement
✓ Guidance Notes


Shareholders - pack

Shareholders 3.1

The Co-Founder Pack
From £1,250+VAT

Shareholders’ Agreement
✓ Guidance Notes
✓ Memorandum of Understanding (Questionnaire)
Memorandum of Understanding (Document)
Memorandum of Understanding (Guidance Notes)
Follow-up session in 3 months


Shareholders 4.1

The Co-Founder Secure Pack
From £1,950+VAT

✓ Shareholders’ Agreement
✓ Guidance Notes
✓ Memorandum of Understanding
 In-person or Skype review of Memorandum of Understanding with a Mediator
✓ Co-Founder compatibility: Personality Tests & Analysis
✓ 6 Month Review
✓ Insurance Policy (includes up to two hours of mediation)

  • Shareholders - tourby   Kunya Ng, Founder, Tourby

    “Linkilaw is a fantastic platform for startups looking for legal advice. They deliver reliable, affordable and rapid legal services, along with great customer service. I would highly recommend Linkilaw to any startup or business with legal needs. Thank you Linkilaw!

  • Shareholders - x factor   Tony, Co-Founder and CEO, X Factor Communications

    Linkilaw displayed a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure we were completely satisfied with the information and advice they provided. I would have no hesitation in using Linkilaw in future.”

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