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Over 80% of the highest valued businesses have multiple founders.

Every year, 65% of high-growth start-ups fail because founders create a cycle of miscommunication. Finding a good co-founder is the key ingredient of any successful startup.



    Shareholders 1

    You can never really be sure of anyone’s personal goals or priorities until there is a crisis situation which forces them to the surface.

  • 90%
    Of problems in any relationship, professional or personal, can be down to misunderstanding as a result of lack of communication.
    If there are minor differences in personal agendas and expectations, problems still arise.


    “People naturally grow defensive when their goals or priorities are threatened.”

How We Can Help

Shareholders 1 We have successfully delivered over 1,000 shareholder and investor agreements.

Shareholders 2Our CEO was awarded Forbes 30 under 30, and our company is recognised as a market leader in the provision of technology led legal solutions for startups and SMEs.

Shareholders 3We have a reputation for high quality, valuable and educational approaches to solving industry issues.

The Benefits

Shareholders - equity split

Obtain a fair equity split based on your strengths, experience and skills.

Shareholders - company culture

Create a company culture set in stone which reflects your best attributes.

Shareholders - clarity

Making things clear will increase the likelihood of your business surviving.

Shareholders - conflict

Reduce the likelihood of conflict with your co-founder from arising.

Individual Solutions

Shareholders 1.1

Memorandum of Understanding

✓ Memorandum of Understanding (Questionnaire)
Memorandum of Understanding (Document)
Memorandum of Understanding (Guidance Notes)
Follow-up session in 3 months

Shareholders 2.1

Shareholders’ Agreement

Shareholders’ Agreement
✓ Guidance Notes


Shareholders 3.1

The Co-Founder Pack

Shareholders’ Agreement
✓ Guidance Notes
✓ Memorandum of Understanding (Questionnaire)
Memorandum of Understanding (Document)
Memorandum of Understanding (Guidance Notes)
Follow-up session in 3 months


Shareholders 4.1

The Co-Founder Secure Pack

✓ Shareholders’ Agreement
✓ Guidance Notes
✓ Memorandum of Understanding
 In-person or Skype review of Memorandum of Understanding with a Mediator
✓ Co-Founder compatibility: Personality Tests & Analysis
✓ 6 Month Review
✓ Insurance Policy (includes up to two hours of mediation)

  • Shareholders - tourby   Kunya Ng, Founder, Tourby

    “Linkilaw is a fantastic platform for startups looking for legal advice. They deliver reliable, affordable and rapid legal services, along with great customer service. I would highly recommend Linkilaw to any startup or business with legal needs. Thank you Linkilaw!

  • Shareholders - x factor   Tony, Co-Founder and CEO, X Factor Communications

    Linkilaw displayed a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure we were completely satisfied with the information and advice they provided. I would have no hesitation in using Linkilaw in future.”

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