Our Values

Linkilaw is an opportunity to do something we love: help people. By building this company from the ground up, we have the rare opportunity to build a body that not only served its customers and partners to the best of its ability, but also instill within Linkilaw’s employees a philosophy in which we all strive to achieve the best of ourselves. Setting values is important to us: it enables us to align all of our decision-making with these values.

These values are not simply written for show. They identify the qualities that we look for in every person we work with. Here they are:

Values - honesty

Honesty & Trust

We approach everything we do with honesty. Our team members are honest and trust each other. Our advice is accurate and honest, and our clients find us trustworthy.

Values - simple

Simple & Accessible

We strive to make our offering simple, and legal services accessible. Our advice is straightforward and clearly worded. Our pricing is fixed, transparent and on average 50% more affordable than traditional law firms.

Values - love

Love & Humour

We are full of love and playfulness, and let it imbibe everything we do. Our team is close knitted and enjoys a good laugh. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our passion for startups means we love what we do and the clients we serve.

Values - innovative

Innovative & Seamless

We know nobody loves legal as much as much as we do, which is why we strive to make your experience of it seamless. Our services take the legal industry into the 21st century by redesigning the delivery of legal work and your experience as a consumer. Your needs are what has driven our solutions – we deliver what you want and use technology to help us achieve this.

Values - devotion

Devotion & Commitment

We are devoted and committed to our clients and their success. We are devoted and committed to hard work in order to truly modernise and revolutionise the legal industry from the inside out. We are devoted and committed to each other, because nothing great was ever built without collaboration and teamwork.