Linkilaw is an opportunity to do something we love: help people. By building this company from the ground up, we have the rare opportunity to build a body that not only served its customers and partners to the best of its ability, but also instill within Linkilaw’s employees a philosophy in which we all strive to achieve the best of ourselves. Setting values is important to us: it enables us to align all of our decision-making with these values.

These values are not simply written for show. They identify the qualities that we look for in every person we work with.

Here they are:

1. HIT Value – Honesty, Integrity, Transparency

  • You are honest with yourself, with Linkilaw, and with others because you understand that’s the best way to build solid and lasting relationships.
  • You are honest even when it hurts because no one ever solved a problem by covering it up.
  • Your values and that of Linkilaw are not negotiable and you continuously uphold yourself and the team to them.
  • You say things about Team members you would say to their face and do not involve others unnecessarily.

2. Communicate Fearlessly

  • You listen more than you speak, as listening is the most important part of communication.
  • You articulate what you mean clearly, relentlessly and in a non-judgemental manner.
  • You stay calm in stressful situations and value open communication over being right.
  • You say what you think even in controversy, and you do so with tact and respect of others.

3. Love Ourselves and Love our Customers

  • You act out of love and not out of fear, knowing that perfect love drives fear away.
  • You take loving, healthy and balanced decisions towards yourself and others.
  • You love your customers and seek to deliver an incredible and seamless experience of Linkilaw each time.
  • Life is too short not to spread love in everything you do. You work with care because you love your work.

4. Never Stop Learning

  • You always have more to learn, and you seek to improve your knowledge through everything you do.
  • You seek to understand your customers, your partners and your team through eager curiosity.
  • You learn as much from life as you do from books, learning to advance your personal development rather than your CV.
  • You learn from your mistakes and admit them promptly.

5. Efficiency

  • You make every day count by creating and delivering amazing work.
  • You work smart over working hard, focussing on creating a real impact rather than flattering your ego or that of someone else.
  • You work with awareness, ensuring your work creates impact and you have the judgement to make changes to increase impact.
  • You consistently work hard and your teammates can depend and rely on you.

6. Live with Resilience, Embrace Brilliance

  • You persevere in moments of hardship because you know excellence takes hard work.
  • You challenge assumptions supported by data and facts, present and implement solutions.
  • You allow and are open to whatever comes your way, acknowledging that lessons come from challenges
  • You inspire others through your self-motivation, resilience and tenacity.


7. Think for Yourself, Think as a Team

  • You prioritise what is best for Linkilaw, rather than yourself.
  • You seek to be efficient by first working through things yourself, and then asking others. You help your team.
  • You show wisdom in your decisions, seeking to get things done rather than making things perfect.
  • You know that there are no problems, just solutions, and that people can always improve but never be blamed. Responsibility is always collective.