Linkilaw is an opportunity to do something we love: help people. By building this company from the ground up, we have the rare opportunity to build a body that not only served its customers and partners to the best of its ability, but also instill within Linkilaw’s employees a philosophy in which we all strive to achieve the best of ourselves. Setting values is important to us: it enables us to align all of our decision-making with these values.

These values are not simply written for show. They identify the qualities that we look for in every person we work with.

Here they are:

1. HIT Value – Honesty, Integrity, Transparency
You are honest with yourself, with Linkilaw, and with others because that’s the best way to build lasting relationships.

2. Communicate Fearlessly
You listen more than you speak, as listening is the most important part of communication.
You say what you think even in controversy, and you do so with tact and respect of others.

3. Never Stop Learning
You always have more to learn, and you seek to improve your knowledge through everything you do.
You seek to understand your customers, your partners and your team through eager curiosity.

4. Love Ourselves Love Our Customers
You take loving, healthy and balanced decisions towards yourself and others.
You love your customers and seek to deliver an incredible and seamless experience of Linkilaw each time.

5. Efficiency
You make every day count by creating and delivering amazing work.
You work with awareness, ensuring your work creates impact and you have the judgement to make changes to increase impact.
You consistently work hard and your teammates can depend and rely on you.

6. Live With 
Resilience Embrace Brilliance
You persevere in moments of hardship because you know excellence takes hard work.
You challenge assumptions supported by data and facts, present and implement solutions.
You inspire others through your self-motivation, resilience and tenacity.

7. Think for Yourself, Think as a Team
You prioritise what is best for Linkilaw, rather than yourself.
You seek to be efficient by first working through things yourself, and then asking others. You help your team.
You know that there are no problems, just solutions, and that people can always improve but never be blamed. Responsibility is always collective.