Linkilaw is the legal platform for
startups, small and medium-sized businesses.

How It Works

Step 1. FREE Startup Legal Session
Book a FREE 30-minute one-to-one strategy session with one of our legal specialists.

We’ll discuss every aspect of your business: your internal structure, your relationship with clients, partners and other third parties, your tangible intellectual property, fundraising and any regulations which may apply to your business.

Step 2. FREE Startup Legal Report
Receive a detailed plan on what you need right now and in the future stages of your development.

Use your time and resources efficiently with our 24-month timeline of what legal contracts you are likely to need as your business grows. Integrate clear legal budgets into your business plan and pitches and be empowered by easy-to-understand legal knowledge.

Step 3. Bespoke Legal Solution
Choose to move forward with our affordable and quality legal contracts drafted by specialist solicitors.

Based on the results, you’ll be free to make educated, fully informed and empowered decisions. Get linked to a lawyer, order Linkilaw’s customised contracts, or walk away with free knowledge for the future. The choice is yours.

  •   Jagjot Hayre, Founder and CEO of JH Tipster

    Really appreciate the assistance from (the Linkilaw team) for their expertise in creating terms and conditions for my website. Great service provided and highly recommend!”

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