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Why It Was Time To Revolutionalise The Law

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The root of our core human rights is set out in the law.

Our core human rights are necessary to our growth and happiness. They help us walk without fear on the street, and they are the tool we have been given to prevent the State from arbitrarily arresting or detaining us.

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Why is it then that the general population’s knowledge of the law is so limited?

I’ve always had the ambition (I would refer to it as a calling) to help people in need. As my interest in law grew and my knowledge of the law expanded, friends, family and acquaintances started asking me for advice.

Let me tell you the story that eventually gave rise to LinkiLaw… 

A friend of mine came to me one day, desperate. He had not paid his rent for two weeks. His landlord was calling him several times a day, threatening not only eviction, but also to personally throw his belongings out of the apartment. My friend was scared, insecure and lost. After listening to what had occurred (and was still happening) in the landlord-tenant relationship – I understood.

Certainly, my friend had breached his lease by being late on his rent, but that was a temporary misstep that was going to be corrected within the next few days. The problem here was the landlord. By repeatedly calling and threatening the tenant, he caused undue fear of eviction and violence. These elements, when taken together at law, form a criminal offence known as harassment.

In this case, I advised my friend to simply make the landlord aware that his repeated threats were unlawful.

In the situation I just described, both parties suffered – because they didn’t know the law. My friend suffered from the fear of eviction, unaware that such empty threats wouldn’t have materialised. The landlord committed a criminal offence, most probably in ignorance – which by the way is (often quite inconveniently) not a valid excuse in law.

Step in Linkilaw

There are many ways to become better informed about the law, without necessarily using a lawyer. I want LinkiLaw to be a platform that people can turn to – to easily understand the law and be better protected.

I wanted to help people who regularly come to me with the same questions:

  • Where do I find a good lawyer?
  • How do I know if their advice is good?
  • How much does a lawyer cost?

The way to do this was clear to me:

  • Select the best and most cost-effective lawyers and get them to partner with us.
  • Work out fixed-fee quotes for clients so they don’t have to worry about final costs.
  • Create a lawyer rating system, where people can read about other people’s experiences.
  • Make clients feel that they matter – and create complementary, fantastic customer service.

I knew this was not going to be easy. The legal industry has not been evolving as fast as other industries. There is little transparency in fees or in quality of legal advice.

There needs to be a privately-owned intermediary with knowledge of the law.

This has become my passion. People should be able to have access to lawyers who will provide optimal and factually correct advice.

After all, it’s a basic human right.

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