Meet Our Team


The Linkilaw team is dedicated to pursuing our mission, every day we are a step closer to making legal services accessible and comprehensible for everyone. Embodying our values, each member contributes in making Linkilaw alive.
Meet our team!

Team - Alex

CEO and Co-Founder

Alexandra is an entrepreneur, lawyer and mediator. She founded Linkilaw 4 years ago after spotting a gap in the legal sector due to inaccessibility of legal services for startups and entrepreneurs.

Alexandra is a thought leader in the legal technology space. She has been quoted in TechCrunch, Forbes, HuffPost and Inc. amongst others, has been honoured in Forbes 30 Under 30 and is a 2-time recipient of Quora Writer of the Year. She also mentors founders and entrepreneurs, independently and through Virgin Startup.

Speaker of seven languages, Alexandra is also passionate about meditation and the effect it has on all aspects of life. She lives through honest, effective communication as the key to success in both business, and our personal lives. This passion has led Alexandra to certify as a mediator and help resolve disputes peacefully.

Team - Caleb


Caleb Storkey is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker and consultant in disruptive technologies, change management, marketing, entrepreneurism and leadership.

Co-author of Futureproof – How To Get Your Business Ready For The Next Disruption and Founder of Storkey Media (an integrated marketing agency), Caleb has worked with a wide range of businesses, from multinationals to highly disruptive and rapid growth tech startups.

Team - Gillian

Senior Legal Specialist

Gillian started her career in the  USA, after a Bachelor of Science in International Business and Marketing and a Doctorate of Law from Emory University School of Law.

She is a US (and soon-to-be UK) qualified lawyer, having worked in both law firms and as an in-house lawyer in the financial sector. Gillian joined Linkilaw as a Legal Specialist. Her role involves contract drafting, legal training and ensuring Linkilaw’s clients have a remarkable legal experience.

Gillian is a passionate traveler, (American) football fan, amateur foodie, and devourer of psychological thriller novels.

Team - Amelie

Senior Legal Specialist

Amelie graduated from Maastricht University, BPP Law of School and Syracuse University. She is not only skilled in law but has also knowledge in international relations and affairs.

In early 2017, Amelie joined the team as a Legal Specialist. Working in Lisbon and London, she is in direct contact with clients – that form her permanent client portfolio, is in charge of contract drafting and training legal interns.

Owns a collection of horses and is a very good polo player.

Team - Lawrence

Senior Legal Specialist

Lawrence is a commercially savvy, startup loving legal specialist. Working all over the world (UK, China, France, and Slovenia) he has experienced startup communities from many different angles.

A strong believer in leveraging technology to make life easier, he enjoys working with clients and finding different ways in which they can find solutions.

When Lawrence is not talking to our clients, he is almost always plugged in listening to a funky electro dubstep house mix. Lawrence once owned a narrowboat near the Thames and is currently an AirBnB Superhost for a Tiny House he rents in Slovenia.

Team - Alexander

Data Analyst

Highly proficient in business matters, Alexander studied economics at the London School of Economics as well as International Relations and Affairs at The American University.

After beginning his career at Washington D.C. in trade and finance, Alexander joined Linkilaw in Operations and Business Development. His involvement has now enabled him to be involved in a strategic position. It now includes data analysis and research, as well as process analysis and CRM management and implementation.

When Alex is not on Hubspot, he likes to teach himself python or rewatch the Godfather trilogy. For all his obligations, Alex will always set aside time for any upcoming marvel movie.

Team - petra

Web Developer and UX Designer

Petra will soon graduate with a bachelor in Engineering with Entrepreneurship and Management.

She managed startup projects during her degree, and is passionate about product development and the growth of small companies. She started her career interning at GE Oil & Gas in Italy and developed technical software and programming skills during her placement year as a Software Engineer at ASOS. Petra joined Linkilaw as a UX Designer and Web Developer. She specialises in building, improving, and maintaining Linkilaw’s mobile and web platforms in order to enhance your experience.

Petra grew up in 4 countries, is a figure skater, loves modern art and digital photography.

Team - sarah


Graduating with a marketing and communication master from ISCOM, Sarah developed experience in PR, Content Marketing and Graphic Design in small businesses and advertising agencies. She worked in various industries, from recruitment to politics and media.

She joined Linkilaw as Designer and is now in charge of designing for print and web, as well as involved in digital marketing.

The few moments Sarah is not designing she enjoys cooking anything that has bread and cheese. She also likes going to art galleries, to admire their architecture and occasionally to see new art.

Team - winny

Personal Assistant

Winny is in her final year of college majoring in Modern Languages. She speaks English, French, and Spanish fluently.

Her hobbies outside of work include reading English Literature and playing with dogs. She really loves them!

Team - emma

SEO Intern

Emma is an international intern with us for part of the year. She is from Tennessee and is currently enrolled in her last year of University. She is studying Organisational Leadership with a core focus in legal studies. After University she wants to attend law school and begin her career in law.

She is currently helping to create content for the blog and Quora forum. She is also learning her way around sales administrative tasks to help the rest of the team.

Outside of the office, Emma is loving exploring London and finding fun places to photograph. Travelling is one of her favourite activities and she cannot wait to go to different countries. A fun fact about her is that she cannot ride a bike.

Team - amoli

Legal Ninja

Amoli graduated from SOAS, University of London with an LLB and completed the LPC at The University of Law. She also has a background in Psychology and Politics, having graduated with a BA from Smith College, USA.

Prior to joining Linkilaw, Amoli gained experience in commercial law and alternative dispute resolution with an emphasis on arbitration. She would like to develop her expertise in contract drafting.

She enjoys traveling and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Team - erie

Chief Happiness Officer

Erie is our chief Happiness Officer, with over 5 years’ experience in tail-wagging. Erie is in charge of overseeing all food scrap consumption and conducting daily one-to-one cuddling sessions with our Lisbon team.

Team - Pumba

Morale Inspection Officer

Our office moral inspector travels between London and Lisbon. His day-to-day role is to make sure our Linkilaw troops stay motivated and excited.

Outside of his role at Linkilaw, Pumba enjoys loooooong walks in the park, eating anything he can get his paws on, barking at random passers-by and manipulating his owner with cute facial expressions.


Team - join

Hinal Shah, Legal Intern
“The 3 months I spent at Linkilaw as a Legal Intern have been full of knowledge, (good) challenges and long-term friendships. I have learnt so much and grown so much as a person and that is because of this internship. Thank you Linkilaw!”

Team - hinal

Team - Samuel

Samuel Guerra, Customer Happiness Intern
“I will never forget the 2 months I spent as a Marketing and Customer Happiness intern at Linkilaw. In what seemed like such a brief amount of time, I grew so much as a person, both professionally and personally. I felt challenged to take on responsibilities and gain experience, while forming personal friendships with the Linkilaw team.”

Minni Agyben, SEO & Legal Intern
“During my time at Linkilaw, as a marketing and legal intern, I have gained the necessary professional, practical and interpersonal skills that I need for my future career. I have also created invaluable memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you Linkilaw for the opportunities and responsibilities that I was allowed to partake in.”

Team - Minni