a focused marketing strategy for your business

5 Simple Steps Towards A Focused Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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Marketing – can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

And many small businesses in particular, will sometimes fail to prioritise and/or not have the resources to drive that marketing strategy in a way that will have genuine impact on the growth of their business.

Whilst you might not have the budget, resources or enthusiasm for a dedicated promotional strategy, there are some easy win, general principles that can help steer your marketing strategy in the right direction. In this post we’re covering what they are so you can create a focused marketing strategy for your business.

1. Get Your Branding Right.

Thinking about how you want to be perceived is key.

Are you super quirky, serious corporate, or polished fun?

Pitch your business image and content at that level and then be consistent across all your marketing platforms and customer touchpoints.

It’s really important that whatever the corporate brand, message, ethos is translated across every section of your business.  From the way you answer those initial calls to the delivery of your service/product, consumers like consistency and get confused with mixed messages. Confusion does not = customer retention.

[tweet_dis_img]If you know and understand your customer then your product or service will sell itself.[/tweet_dis_img]

2. Work Out Who Your Ideal Client Is

Not every business understands who their ideal, target customer is.   If you don’t know who your customer is, down to the tiny detail, then how do you know what language to use or which channels they frequent?

Profile your target audience as tightly as possible – down to the publications they might read, the social activities they might undertake.

By understanding your target customer, you’ll know where they congregate and how to communicate with them.   This will define your strategy.

3. Identify Where Your Target Customer Congregates

Think about where your target customer congregates. Where they get their news? Where they get their gossip?

Is it trade press, networking events, online and social media channels?

When thinking about social media, appreciate what works best for you and your customer.

Generally speaking, LinkedIn attracts more corporate brands/decision-makers and so that content will be written and pitched differently to a news stream on Facebook, a tweet or a visual on Pinterest.

4. Tailor Your Content

Once you’ve understood your channels, particularly if online, start compiling and understanding the keywords that will engage your customer and hopefully, with SEO/PPC find them.

Identify the different services or products that you offer and work out phrases and buzzwords that you can use in your marketing. Lots of products in the market who can advise you on your SEO strategy and how to find keywords that will work for your business.

You can then refer back to your batch of key words and apply them according to each social platform and the content you’re producing for each.

Remember with content, don’t try and be anybody else but yourself. Be authentic and sure it’s about what you really believe in. Even online, people buy from people and if your online voice is authentic, you’ve increased your chances of success.

5. Be Persistent And Consistent.

No flip-flopping here please.

[tweet_dis_img]Marketing needs to be consistent for it to work rather than random one off bursts.[/tweet_dis_img]

Write a marketing plan, set yourself goals, stick with them but measure consistently and make sure you’re directing your firepower in the right place. Without constant measurement, you’ll never know so find out who is seeing your content and how effective it is in communicating to them. Also, don’t do this in fits and starts.

It’s pointless to tweet 20 times in a single day and then fail to create any content for the weeks that follow. Social media and SEO in general, is a long term play. Relationships online are similar to those offline, in that they take time to nurture. Don’t think that a quick sprint across all channels, spray painting your name on a social media wall and then leaving, will deliver you with business, let alone long term and sustainable relationships.

Final Words: Creating A Focused Marketing Strategy For Your Business

We know marketing can be difficult for many business owners and entrepreneurs but this post covers how to create an effective marketing strategy for your business in 5 easy to follow steps. Take action and implement this and you will see great results. 

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