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Is Your Business Logo Working For You?

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Create a Logo and Protect It  According to Corporate Law

Think of your logo as the visual real estate of your company’s image. Second in value only to your business name, the combination of the two basically equals your brand identity. It’s human nature to connect the dots, and when a customer identifies your logo with your company and product – it’s a winning strategy!

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One thing is crucial when it comes to your business identity: after you create a logo, the very next step is to protect your intellectual property according to corporate law, with a copyright, trademark or patent (depending on the nature of the materials involved). Now, let’s take a look at other things that count when you create a logo.

First Impressions Matter

Like they say, a first impression only happens once – so it needs to be right. When someone sees your logo, in a manner of seconds they’ll either get it, or they won’t (especially online, where speed is of the essence).

Bounce rates are a big deal. Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site after seeing only one page. There are many volumes written on the subject; giving companies advice on how to reduce their bounce rate. Yet, one simple thing that can make a difference – and is missed in many cases – is the look and appeal of your website heading (the name and logo).

‘Above the fold’ (derived from newspapers folded in half) is where the story is told. So your chance to make an impact is narrowed down to basically the top third of your webpage. If that doesn’t grab a customer’s attention, they bounce. If the branding doesn’t make sense, they bounce.

What About the Cost?

Most new owners don’t put a lot of thought (or money) into designing their logo. Not because they are tight-fisted, but because they don’t not think it counts for much – not when there are leases to sign and people to hire. Unfortunately, many times the logo is ‘farmed out’ to the most affordable online company with a flashy name.

Listen to this true story about the beginning of one of the world’s biggest brands:

Nike’s brand (the ‘swoosh’ logo) was created in 1971 by a college student named Caroline Davidson, for the sum of $35 USD – though she was later given a small amount of stock in the company (now valued at over $600,000 USD)!

Take that cue, and consider thinking out of the box. Find a way to pay for a great logo; even if you have to bring a creative mind on board with a few shares of stock!

Dare To Be Different

After all, haven’t we seen enough tedious clip art shapes, random marks and patterns to last a lifetime? If you’re using a template on a logo-maker site, remember: templates are inherently ‘not unique.’

Your vision means something to you, or you wouldn’t be taking the leap of faith to begin with. So, paint the picture with passion and clarity, and your clients will get it too.

Nike took their swoosh even further in a winning campaign – encouraging people to hit the road (in their running shoes) and just do it – which came to symbolise taking back your independence. Pretty brilliant stuff for a pair of tennis shoes, right?

Let’s Get Technical

You should probably include the business name in your logo. Your ‘swoosh’ alone isn’t going to mean something to everyone – unless you’re planning on spending large sums of money to make it identifiable.

The little green gecko doesn’t really ‘say’ insurance, it does say Geico; and everyone knows that Geico sells insurance. After all, the gecko has been imprinted on our brains since the little guy first appeared on television in 2000 – though it seems much earlier, doesn’t it? And, there you have it, connecting the dots.

  • Don’t be too literal. Remember, the Apple logo isn’t a computer.
  • Don’t try to be too clever. Who knew that there was an arrow between the ‘Ex’ in FedEx?
  • Don’t get complicated. Logos need to make sense in an instant, no time for puzzles here.

Making a Splash

Is Your Business Logo Working For You-

Talk about taking it to the next level (as if name recognition were any issue), Google opened its first ever shop in Currys PC World in London just this past March.

Amongst the high-tech displays is a digital spray wall, where customers can try creating their own version of the famous logo. Of course they snap and send mobile photos through their social media channels straightaway. And the circle goes ’round.

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