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Marketing Strategy: Get Your Customers Involved

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Getting your customers involved as a part of your marketing efforts is one of the most effective ways to generate new leads and get even more customers.


We all know that for many business owners, marketing is an area that makes them want to bang their heads against a wall in frustration. For many, marketing what they do is not the easiest of tasks.

However, many business owners are overlooking one of the most effective ways to get more business: utilising their existing or previous customer base.

Now you’re probably wondering, “How exactly can I use my customers as a part of my company’s marketing strategy?”

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The answer is simpler than you may realise. Every business can use the strategies listed below. In fact, if you’re not, you’re leaving money on the table.



Most people want to see proof before they invest money in anything. There is perhaps no better way to provide proof than via customer testimonials. Once you’ve got some testimonials, you can plaster them on all of your marketing and advertising materials as proof that what you offer works.

If you know that a customer is satisfied with the work you have done, ask them for a testimonial.

If they’re satisfied with your work, then they’re probably going to give you one. If they agree, ask a question in writing similar to the following to elicit the testimonial:

“Why did you use ABC Accounting and why would you recommend them to other customers?”

Then use the testimonial on everywhere needed such as your website, sales pages, brochures and anything else.




So many businesses are losing money by not using referrals. In fact, referral-based marketing has been found to result in more new business than any other type of marketing and it’s incredibly easy to do.

There isn’t much of a secret to this marketing strategy. Just ask for a referral. Most businesses don’t do this at all.

Once you’ve finished work for a customer, simply ask them if they can think of anyone else who may need your services and if they could kindly pass your name along.

It’s really that simple. If they’re satisfied with your work, then they’re going to have no problem referring you to their friends and other work colleagues. The best time to ask for a referral is straight after a project has been completed and they are in the ‘high’ of being thrilled by your work.

This increases the chance that they’ll refer you. We guarantee you that if you ask every satisfied customer for a referral that you’ll almost instantly start seeing new leads and customers flowing into the business.


Case Studies

Case studies are becoming one of the best ways to demonstrate expertise and knowledge. Again, if a customer has seen that your work provides results and they’re thrilled with it, then they’re likely to agree to be featured in a case study.

You can do this in a number of ways. You can do a verbal interview with the customer, record it, and get it transcribed. Or you can do a written style of an interview where you talk about the project, before and after, and how your work got the customer the results they were looking for.

Once you have done that, you can compile it into a comprehensive report that you can use as part of an effective lead generation strategy online or offline.


Social Media

There are a couple of ways you can use social media and your customers. One way is via contests.

There are various types of social media contests you can run and all of them get your customers involved in your marketing. If you do this right, you’ll find that it has a spiral effect whereby customers will share your contest via their network, and more people will find out about it.

It’s also a great way to grow your email list and is one of those tactics that can add hundreds of new subscribers to your list if done properly.

Other ways to get customers involved in your marketing via social media is simply by interacting with them. You can do that in the form of asking them questions, responding to their questions, or even asking them to share content you have created.

We’re at the point in marketing where customers are valuing real-world relationships and interactions over hype and fluff. Social media is a great way to build those relationships and a connection with your customers.

Essentially, it’s a tool you can use to build a raving audience that spreads the word about your business.


Rewarding Them

One of the most forgotten things to do is reward customers.

Think about it: This customer has just given you money in exchange for your services. That allows you to do work you love, support your family and create the lifestyle you want.

The least you can do is give them a simple thank you to reward them. All it takes is a short email thanking them for doing business with you. If you want to get even more personal, call them to say thanks.

It goes a long way and it stands out in their minds because many business owners aren’t doing this.

Alternatively, you can even give them discounts to cash in to encourage them to use your services again in the future. Consider something like a 10% discount on any of your services to not only reward them, but also encourage future purchases. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.



Using your customers as a part of your overall marketing strategy should be a priority. Think about all the money you’re leaving on the table by not using them.

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They’re already satisfied with your work, you have provided them with a great experience, and it’s only natural you should make the most of this. And using the strategies above is the easiest way you can get started doing this as of today.

So before you do anything else, write down at least one way you’re going to use one of the above strategies to use customers as part of your marketing strategy. Then get to work implementing it tomorrow.
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