Becoming A Linkilawyer


Lawyer Standard 

Linkilaw promotes excellent firms and excellent lawyers only. We assess our lawyers through our internal Linkirate system, and we recommend those who maintain the highest of standards.

Linkilawyer values

Linkilawyer Values

Lawyers must be experienced in their fields. We’ve learned that to be truly good in what you do, to inspire people, and to help them when they need it most, you need to be customer focused and easy to work with. We are proud to say our lawyers are:

well-rounded and

Committed to giving their clients the right advice. They do not waste their client’s time with what they don’t need, they know the law and can explain it clearly to their clients.

and globally

Taking the time to understand their client’s business and propose solutions which are both legally and commercially sound.


Emotionally intelligent and perceptive in order to best serve a client’s needs. Proud to be lawyers that care about their clients.

agile and

Even though lawyers are busy individuals, they also understand their clients’ needs for speedy remedies and as such are fast to respond and solve issues.

of financial

People are aware of their finances and like to plan ahead. This means transparent billing methods, no matter the size and nature of the case.