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Fintech Startups And The Future Of Banking

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This week for Linkibuzz 38, we’re starting off with a story that should remind all workers and employers about the importance of highlighting social media policies to staff. You’ll see what we mean once you start reading the post below.

We’ve got an interesting story about the future of banking and how financial tech Startups are coercing many banks’ customers from them with their superior focus on the customer experience. Good lesson for all Startups in this one about the never ending importance of customer service.

We have a story that reaffirms London’s place as one of the global hubs for Startups looking to grow and expand. We can’t say that this is entirely surprising to us.

Last but not least, we’ve got a simple listicle post that lists 5 tips for creating a happier and more fulfilled Startup workforce. We’re sure you’ll be able to use at least some of those to motivate and inspire your own workforce.

So sit down with your favourite beverage and enjoy Linkibuzz 38.

Employers Advised To Spell Out Social Media Policies To Workers

The age of social media is truly upon us. We all know that everyone, especially millennials are now using social media daily whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any of the other platforms.

However, it’s also duly noted that people can make some slip ups when using social media. This has been aptly demonstrated in this post that details how an employee of a company in Florida, in the United States, was fired because of a post he made to Facebook.

The employee in question was on medical leave for surgery he’d had. However, during his 12-week medical leave of absence he posted photo’s on Facebook of himself relaxing at the beach and swimming in pools in a popular holiday area.

Now, the person in question may really be innocent in all of this but what it highlights is the age of transparency we’re currently living in. Social media has lifted a large veil of privacy and transparency many of us were used to, especially those hailing from generations where social media never existed.

The key here is that employers need to clearly outline their social media policies to all workers. Get it written out via a legal contract. This way companies and employees can both be sure that social media policies have been clearly articulated.

Fintech Startups And The Future Of Banking

Interesting post here coming from Therese Torris from Crowdfund Insider. Recently, there was a conference held in Paris by The Economist covering the future of banking. Perhaps controversially, it was subtitled “Survival of the nimblest.”

This makes for interesting reading given that world banks, in general, haven’t exactly had the most amazing record recently. We only need to look at the recent banking collapse of 2008 and the fall of banking stocks at the beginning of this year.

We’ve also seen the development of Bitcoin, whether this becomes an actual viable currency globally remains to be seen. At the moment, it is a speculative asset at best. Either way, the world is changing and the future of banking makes for a thought provoking discussion.

The most glaring problem for many banks is the rise of financial tech Startups and many key banking leaders are very worried that many customers are picking financial tech companies for their financial services rather than typical banking. A major reason behind this is that they’re placing an emphasis on the customer experience, which is convincing many of their customers to go over to financial tech companies rather than banks.

This is a thought provoking post and there are some interesting lessons to be learned from it.

20 Indian Startups Set To Excel On A Global Scale In London

London has once again proven itself to be a major hub globally for Startups. This has been demonstrated by the recent news that 20 Indian Startups have been selected for showcasing in London for the India Emerging 20 program. This is the top 20 Indian Startups predicted to experience massive growth and innovate on a global scale.

It’s a big deal. It reaffirms London’s status as a global hub for business and it’s well-known that it’s a great city for companies that want to expand globally.

One of the big keys for any Startup is being able to validate ideas on a global scale and there aren’t many other cities better than London for doing this. It also shows the rise of Indian Startups. In recent years, India has become a hub for rising Startups. But unlike London, there often isn’t the capability for a global expansion like there is in London.

The moral of the story – London’s a pretty good city to base your Startup.

5 Tips To Make Your Startup Team Happier

We all know that Startups are a fun, crazy and exciting place to be around. And we also know that they can be incredibly stressful too, especially for managers and the founder. Startups often have a hectic, demanding and stressful environment despite all the hype and grandeur of working at one.

The secret to mitigating this is happy employees, obviously. The happier and more fulfilled your employees are in their work, the more likely you are to retain them, and the better work they’ll do.

So what is the key to building and maintaining a happy Startup team? It’s a good question but you’ll need to read this post to find out the entire answer. We’ll let you in on one of the tips – it involved beer and hard liquor. Maybe a little different for some people but apparently it makes for a happier workforce!

Closing: Linkibuzz 38

We’ve had a few interesting stories this week. The incident involving an employee for a business in Florida and his social media posts shows how important it is for companies to clearly outline their social media policies to their staff. Some perhaps somber news on the future of banking, who knows if it could be a good thing or not.

London proves itself once again to be a global hub for Startups looking to grow and expand as demonstrated by the showcasing of the India Emerging 20 program. Lastly, we’ve got 5 simple tips any Startup can implement in their work environment to create a happy and more fulfilled workforce.

We hope you enjoyed reading these stories as much as we did and stay tuned for Linkibuzz #39 next week.