Legal Documents For Small Business: What To Include

Legal Documents For Small Business – What To Include

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Legal Documents For Small Business – What To Include

Starting a small business is an exciting, stressful, and often very rewarding experience. With so much going on, certain aspects of the business are often neglected or put on the back burner. Traditionally, legal is one such area. This is where we come in! There are a full range of legal documents for small business owners will want to employ to protect their business in order to secure a successful future.

Upon incorporation, a company will need to start building their foundation of legal documents. For small businesses, this begins with:

These legal documents for small business outline the functions, objectives, rights, obligations, and conditions that apply to every party within a company. Securing these documents will ensure everybody is aware of the responsibilities and parameters of their roles, helping to avoid business disputes that could arise.

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As a company grows, you will want to start thinking about:

While these business documents are necessary, they are not relevant until you start growing your business, hiring more employees, and creating an accessible website or app. In the UK, business law states that you must provide your employees with a contract outlining their rights and obligations within 14 days of hiring. Under the UK Data Protection Act, your website will require a Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy as your business continues to grow. It is your obligation as a small business owner to obtain these legal documents.

Additional documents that you may need depending on your business or industry include:

Based on the type of work your small business handles, you may need to incorporate safeguards that will further clarify your business endeavours and protect your company from any  unforeseen liability. Consulting a business lawyer can help you determine which types of agreements you may need for industry-specific issues.

Using legal documents found online may be tempting. After all, it’s so convenient, right? Wrong! This is a very dangerous move for a number of reasons. First and foremost, copying documents found online is copyright infringement. Beyond that, anybody could have written the documents and they may be out-of-date or inapplicable to your jurisdiction. Just because you may be searching for legal agreement templates in the UK, it does not mean that the search results originate in the UK!

The best remedy to this problem is to get bespoke contracts and agreements drafted by legal professionals. It is the only way to make sure that an agreement accounts for issues specific to your business. With a legal professional, you will have full understanding of every clause and implication leading to the best results for your business!

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Get The Legal Docs For Small Business You Need

Your business legal obligations cannot be neglected. As a small business owner, there is vital information that you must provide to your directors, shareholders, customers, and employees by law. Legal documents created from scratch are the best way to fulfil these obligations and avoid business disputes in the future.

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