Sorting your data privacy policy once and for all.

Sorting Your Data Privacy Policy Once And For All

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If you’re like most entrepreneurs, then there’s definitely an element of your business which runs online.

Building a website for your business isn’t an easy feat. You’ve got a number of things to worry about – the user experience, the interface, the cost of running the website and more – including your legal obligation to protect the privacy of your customers.

But why?

If someone enters information, such as their full name, their address, their banking details or any other personal identifiable information, then you’re legally obliged to process their data safely and consensually.

You might think that getting the right legal framework doesn’t need to be on the top of your to-do list – and maybe you didn’t sort it out as soon as your website went live. No worries! We’re here to tell you that it’s not too late for you to get the proper legal framework for your business AND that you should avoid the substandard data protection policy template that you might come across during your searches!

Not having the right data privacy policy in place (particularly in the UK with all of this Brexit stuff going on) will cause you nothing but anguish in the long term! If you are one of the lucky souls that hasn’t yet been bitten by expensive disputes, know that the longer you overlook the matter and the more people use your site, the more likely you are to find yourself in trouble at some point!

Here’s what you need to know to ensure that you sort out your data privacy police once and for all!

1. It’s Like… The Law

[tweet_dis_img]Sorting your data privacy policy once and for all.[/tweet_dis_img]

First and foremost, you need to have a data privacy policy in place. With a data privacy policy, you are making a promise to the users of your website that you’ll look after any personal data that reaches you with due diligence. Without this in the UK, you risk prosecution, and other sanctions from the European Union.

2. A Data Privacy Policy Will Save You A Lot Of Time And Money In The Long Term

[tweet_dis_img]Sorting your data privacy policy once and for all.[/tweet_dis_img]

Legal disputes are hard on you and your wallet. Whether or not you made the effort to look after your users’ data when you were given access to it. Without a legally-binding contract on your website which states your intentions are pure, you haven’t got a leg on which to stand, you WILL lose out on quite a bit of money from clients and prospective clients.

3. It Will Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Clients

[tweet_dis_img]Sorting your data privacy policy once and for all.[/tweet_dis_img]

It’s been said that people work with who they like, who they know and who they trust. The data that you request from your users could be sensitive. If you can’t prove that you will process it correctly, many may be reluctant to work with you. By having a data privacy policy drafted, you’re ensuring that at the very least your customers can trust you. If you’re trusted by your customers and your product is great, they’ll like you enough to make sure that other people know!

4. When A Lawyer Is Specialised And Understands Your Website, The Legal Documents That You Need Are Easy To Get

[tweet_dis_img]Sorting your data privacy policy once and for all.[/tweet_dis_img]

Forget the sway of the free data security policy template or the data privacy policy template that you might have seen in your searches. These are simply no good! Just like businesses, websites and pieces of data themselves, your legal documents should be unique! Make sure you work with a lawyer that understands your startup and how you would like your website to operate.

The strength of your data privacy policy depends on this! If you require identifiable or sensitive data (which could be used against the user if placed in the wrong hands, e.g. sexual orientation, religious views, political beliefs etc.) be exchanged in the course of doing business, then you need to make sure this is explicitly expressed in your contract and that you give assurances that you will treat that data responsibly.

Need Some More Information On A Data Privacy Policy?

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