Why You Should Always Get Your Contracts Drafted By A Legal Specialist

Why You Should Always Get Your Contracts Drafted By A Legal Specialist: Never Use Templates

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Why You Should Always Get Your Contracts Drafted By A Legal Specialist: Never Use Templates

You Will Never Know Who Drafted your Template:

Basic online legal templates will protect you from legal problems like bringing a water pistol at a gun fight. For a long time, people have been talking about ‘stranger-danger’. For all you know a con artist or your local gardener could have drafted a template to earn a quick buck.

Up-to-date Information:

Laws and circumstances are constantly changing. It is important that legal documents are up to date and in accordance with new issues. By using bespoke legal documents drafted by legal professionals, you can ensure that the information provided is up-to-date and takes into account future legal developments.

Advice on Complex Issues:

When it comes time to drafting contracts, legal matters will arise for which your business will need help navigating complex and unique issues. It is unlikely you will find the information you need online in a template. A legal professional will be able to assist in navigating these areas.

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Specific Clauses Tailored to your Business:

There can be issues or legal implications that may be specific to your industry or business. Although such issues would not be accounted for (or accounted for improperly/non exhaustively) in a legal template, a legal professional will have the knowledge or be able to find the knowledge necessary for your specific business-related issue.

Using a Template Can Result in a Huge Financial Loss in the Long Term:

In the event that you choose to use a template instead of bespoke legal documents, you will be exposing yourself and your business to lawsuits. A template can leave you and your business vulnerable to the details unaddressed in the template. By using bespoke documents from the inception of your business, you are saving the hassle, time, and money of having to deal with lawyer fees down the line.


With every company having unique needs, there is no way for online templates to tick all of the boxes on your checklist. Limit your liability by consulting a legal professional!

Awareness of The Implications of Clauses:

There may be certain clauses or terminology that have legal implications attached. To an untrained eye, it may look pretty straightforward. However, there are instances in which certain phrases or words have huge repercussions. By following a template you could unknowingly be opening up your business to a wide range of consequences based on the wording of the contracts.

Avoids Vague Wording:

Other than there being unknown consequences of word choice, there are also problems that can arise from vague word choice. While the word choice of a document may look comprehensive because the same phrase can be applied to many different situations, vague wording leaves too much room for misinterpretation, misunderstanding, and miscommunication. Every term of a contract must be specified to avoid any confusion.

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Avoid plagiarism:

By copying a template from the internet—even if you change some parts of it around—you are plagiarising. At that point, not only are you opening yourself up to disputes with your customers because your documents are not specific to your business, but you are opening yourself up to lawsuits from others for copyright infringement.

Additional documents you did not know you needed:

By seeking out all of your information and guidance from online sources instead of speaking to a legal professional, it is possible you may miss certain contracts, provisions, or add ons you did not know you needed. The best way to make sure all of your documents are necessary and complete is to get your legal documents drafted from scratch. 

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