Hiring A Lawyer When Caught Drinking & Driving

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According to statistics, around 100,000 drunk driving tests each year in the UK come back positive out of 500,000 breath tests conducted. This demonstrates that despite the awareness and education we have on this subject, that it’s still a big problem in our society.

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If you are one of these statistics, then you may think that now that you’ve been caught, all hope is lost. You’ve probably heard of horror stories about the consequences of being caught from friends and other people.


Now, you’re thinking you’re going to be next and face disqualification, massive fines and more. However, this doesn’t have to be the case at all. The most important thing if you’re caught is to make sure you get the right advice so you know how to handle your specific situation.


And the reality is that hiring a lawyer is really the only option for you if you’re caught drinking and driving. In this post, we’re going to tell you why this is your only and best option if you want to minimise your charges and reduce your punishment.


Make everything clear to you


Let’s face it, if you’re facing drink driving charges, there is going to be legal jargon involved. To put it in simple terms, a lawyer trained in this area will be able to explain all your charges to you in English without the legal jargon so it makes sense to you.


Many drink driving offenders get confused about what charges they’re facing because of the legal jargon so they just forget about it and accept it for what it is. However, you need to make sure you seek legal advice so you know exactly what charges you’re facing and what they mean. If you don’t, you may be in even more trouble than you initially realise.


Once you know exactly what charges you’re facing and what they mean, you can work out with your lawyer what the next best course of action is.


Help you mount a defence


You’re probably feeling a little terrified about the charges you’re facing and the potential consequences of this. While many people simply accept this for what it is, we don’t recommend this. We recommend you speak to a drunk driving lawyer because they will be able to review your specific case and charges.


For example, there may have been a procedural error carried out by the police that has affected the results of your breath test and your subsequent charges. However, because you’re untrained in the law you won’t be able to see it. This is where the expertise of a drink driving lawyer becomes invaluable.


This is huge because it could be the difference in you keeping your licence, receiving a lesser fine, and in worst case even avoiding jail time.


It’s important to note each case is different and your defence will be determined by your specific circumstances surrounding your charges.


Get expert forensic help if necessary


If you’re going to mount a defence to your charges then expert forensic advice could be the deciding factor in the case going your way. For example, a forensic expert could testify to the performance of the breath tester analyser used. They may determine that the particular analyser was faulty and that proper maintenance wasn’t conducted to ensure the device would record an accurate result.


Another example could be where they look at your specific blood alcohol level and then provide expert advice on how this could have affected you specifically.


These are all hypotheticals but they are the ways in which this can work for you in your favour.


There are forensic experts across a wide range of areas but a good drink driving lawyer will be able to identify where the defence can be made in your case and then recognise which forensic experts will be vital to your case.




If you have been caught drinking and driving then it may be easy for you to just take whatever charges you get and the punishment that goes with them. However, considering what is at stake, we recommend that it’s within your best interests to at least seek the advice of a legal expert first and then proceed with the next steps.

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In many cases, hiring a lawyer may be the only option for you if you want to avoid drinking and driving charges and reduce the punishment.


If you would like some expert advice on this area for your specific case then get in touch with us today.