things to consider when choosing a lawyer

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Lawyer

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Here’s A Transcript Of The Video: 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Lawyer.

Hello, Andrew Weaver here at LawyerFair bite-sized videos. Today we’re going to look at 5 things to consider when choosing a lawyer. Whether you’re a first-time buyer of legal services, or you’ve got a retained firm, we’re hoping one or all of these points will drive a little more value from the selection process.

[tweet_dis_img]It's crucial to hire a lawyer trained in the specific area you need legal assistance in.[/tweet_dis_img]

  1. I’m gonna be accused, perhaps, of stating the bleeding obvious here, but make sure they are experts in the field of law you require. The days of the generalist are over. We are able to find very quickly via the internet and niche experts, you need to do the same with your lawyer.
  2.  Their approach to legal fees. The era of the timed billing – the culture of the timed billing, I should say – is thankfully coming to an end. It’s still, I think, the policy of the majority of firms, but there are an increasing number of fixed-fee operators. You need to get some certainty on cost, so do insist at all times to try and get some fixed or indicative fee quotes.
  3. is communication and, more importantly, who’s doing the work? Are you paying for the trainee’s contract, or is the partner actually the person going to be driving out the end advice. Lots of niche boutique firms are emerging in particular areas of law. You can easily find them and they are normally partner-driven, partner-led services.
  4. Background. Bit of DD. The legal regulators recently announced they were gonna release, or make it easier for you to find out the complaint and background history of your lawyer. I’m talking about the company they keep, the clients they have, whether they’re congruent with what you want and the type of work you’ll be doing in the future.
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Final Words: Things To Consider When Choosing A Lawyer

Finally, a bit of a beauty parade, we always suggest you can compare more than one lawyer before choosing lawyer these days. It’s pretty easy to do. You can find one that, not only, suits your budget, but also suits you. It’s an important relationship to get right.

Those are the 5 things we think you should consider when choosing a lawyer. Thanks for reading. You can get a vetted a qualified lawyer for your specific case by clicking the image below and we’ll email you a range of free quotes.