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Postman Pat And The Risk Of Staying Local

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Staying local has some risks due to the current Globalization of businesses. 

Postman Pat will be familiar to those in the UK but if not, here’s a snapshot. Postman Pat [and his black and white cat] handle the post and special delivery for Greendale, an isolated village located within the heart of Yorkshire Moor country.

[tweet_dis_img]The adventures of Postman Pat still play a big role in the mornings of many UK children.[/tweet_dis_img]

Their postal adventures have been a staple diet of kids TV for 3+ decades and they still play a central role in the morning routine of many, including my young daughter.

Unfortunately it’s not a great advertisement for staying local, because each episode is based around the sheer & consistent incompetence of our Pat, under the resigned gaze of his knowing cat [Jess].

Example Of Pat Calamities

1. If he has to deliver a precious cargo of someone’s beloved guinea pig … said guinea pig will inevitably manage to escape onto the moor, a grizzly end only being avoided due to the unrecognised intuition of Jess.

2. Crucial birthday cake needs taking to local school but Pat allows it to slip off the back of his poorly securers van and into the nibbling range of local farm animals, before Jess again has to silently edge the drama to a happy conclusion.

Problem With Going Local

You have to feel sorry for the Greendale residents.  The postal service may be cherished in rural communities but why have they been burdened with Pat?   He’s never less than incompetent, but he’s all they’ve got.

They’re silently acquiescent to maintaining the status quo and appear to accept that if Pat has to work somewhere, it might as well be Greendale – unless I’m missing a huge social media campaign to get him removed?

But each morning these incompetent escapades remind me of my pre-internet days, growing up in a rural community and having to accept that if the local supplier(s) were useless, you had no choice but to accept them.

Local Networking

This was particularly and painfully the case with your local professional advisor.  It was a closed local shop, much like those networking groups who circulate leads within their own closed circle of suppliers.

I recall my father becoming exasperated by the lack of choice and consumer power, cursing that our particular part of the country appeared to be the last refuge for every legal waif and stray.

And whilst, in a town of the blind, the one eyed man is king … our pet dog Kernow was more capable than some we used.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m a great advocate of local – but not at the loss of quality and value.

Today Local Is Global

How the world has changed. Technology enables us to reach out across the world and buy what and where we want. We buy, measure, review and reflect on anything and everything, from the comfort of our own home, wherever that might be located.

[tweet_dis_img]The story is not just about the character but also the character of the consumers.[/tweet_dis_img]

It’s even reached the protected corridors of professional services and various legal innovators are entering the market with products and services that drive best value by giving consumers much greater reach and power.

Indeed, those historic rural frustrations of my father, was one of the motivations for launching my own legal service at LawyerFair, where we have created a platform that enables business owners to reach out across the UK and beyond, to find the right lawyer, at the fairest price and the best value … no matter where business or lawyer is located.

Change is threatening to some, liberating to others and an absolute breath of fresh air in legal services but despite all this.

I’m pleased to report there does remain a role [and a 7.15am slot on the BBC] for Postman Pat, and for that, my daughter (and her occasionally harassed parents) are extremely grateful.

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