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The Most Efficient Way To Find The Right Lawyer For Your Business

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Here’s A Transcript Of The Video: How To Find The Right Lawyer For Your Business

Hello. Andrew Weaver here from LawyerFair. The traditional way to find a lawyer for your business and the one that surveys indicate is still the most popular, is by a recommendation, personal or professional. Certainly that warm testimonial, that warm recommendation has its virtues but is it the most efficient way to find the right lawyer for your business?

And More Importantly Is It The Most Competitive Way To Find The Right Lawyer For Your Business At The Right Price?

As entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we didn’t think so and we therefore decided to launch Lawyerfair. LawyerFair is a free-to-use platform, a lawyer procurement and legal comparison service that is built around four key pillars.

The First Is Choice

We match your legal requirements with a pre-approved panel of lawyers. Those lawyers have been selected by us around a pretty strict set of criteria, one of which is actually whether we’d instruct them ourselves. Because if we wouldn’t, then why should we recommend them to our customers. The other point to make here is that we’re not a scattergun listing service. We don’t have thousands of lawyers. Our lawyers have been selected based on their reputation, their expertise and also market and customer reviews.

The Second Is Competition

We deliver to you three fee proposals from those matched lawyers that enables you to compare and contrast based around a number of set criteria. Clearly price is an issue and a leading one for most people. As business owners ourselves, we wanted to include a much more rounded view of the qualities of that lawyer and that comes through in the profiles we deliver to the business owner.

The Third One Is Efficiency

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Again, speed and taking out the hassle of trying to find and compare a lawyer. We deliver these three proposals within 24 hours. It’s often within just a few hours. In fact, the current record, although we are hoping to beat it someday, the current record is 10 minutes from submission of a request to delivery of a fee proposal.

The Fourth Is Accountability

Finally, accountability and this is a really important part of our service and it’s one that we are very committed to. As business owners ourselves we’d encountered maybe the occasional frustration with lawyers so we wanted to embed within our service and within our panel a set of commercial expectations around which we expect them to help our customers.

[tweet_dis_img]People are starting to let lawyer be their guide rather than their conscience.[/tweet_dis_img]

We have a charter, a customer service charter that we ask our lawyers to sign and that enables and provides confidence to the business owner that they are applying themselves to areas like quoting certainty of fees, not over-lawyering, not missing deadlines, areas like this that can happen occasionally but if they happen regularly, then we will act on that. Those are the four key pillars of LawyerFair.

It is free to use. It is highly efficient. It is very competitive and as far as we’re concerned, it’s the service that we wish we’d had as business owners for many years. We very much hope that you’ll use it yourselves when next looking to instruct a lawyer.

Andrew Weaver at LawyerFair thank you very much for watching.