how to find the right lawyer

How To Find The Right Lawyer

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When you think of a lawyer, what kind of ideas come to mind?




How can you find the right lawyer, one that’s different? How can you get your hands on a lawyer that understands you and your business so that you can understand your legal obligations and protect yourself from legal hassles?

No worries! If you need a lawyer to prevent legal issues or you need one to be in your corner to fight for you in court – then we’ll make sure that you find the right lawyer every time!


First and foremost, you need to ensure that your lawyer is properly qualified and competent to work for you!

Compare the London Black Cabs and the driver services like Uber and Lyft.

There’s no denying the price difference between the two options.

Black cabs are more expensive than the aforementioned driver services, but with that premium comes expertise and assurances.

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Cabbies pay thousands in licensing and insurance, and they take very difficult exams on road routes. The latter’s drivers only need to have driven for at least three years. It’s because of these differences that one service is more costly than the other.

We’re not here to say that one is better than the other, but if an issue occurs with the driver’s services, almost all the liability falls on the user – not on the company.


The ‘free’ legal document templates that exist online may result in more harm than their intended good. If a business person uses one of them, and something goes wrong, there is no protection.

Lawyers are qualified for good reason – they’ve dedicated years of their lives to learn and practice the law. With that comes a premium.

We believe, however, that the premium is much more than it needs to be – so we’ve created a platform and a legal marketplace that reduces the cost of legal work by up to 80%. By charging clients fixed fees instead of by the hour, getting rid of inefficiencies and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy, we’ve got an in-house legal team and a UK lawyer marketplace to see to it that your startup is legally protected whilst you’re protecting your hard-earned cash.


Simply put, you can get the great service and robust legal documents that you’d expect from the City firm but without the cost.

And the jargon.

Gargantuan means big. Minuscule means small.

The unnecessary use of complex words don’t strengthen an argument, nor do they protect you from legal problems. A good lawyer will simply do what they can to write the clauses that you need. A great lawyer however, writes those clauses well. The simpler the language used, the less room for misunderstanding. This means that your documents are bulletproof – just as your understanding of the law.


“Time is money, so don’t mess with mine.”

The right lawyer won’t mess with neither. You haven’t got time to waste, especially if you’re the founder of an up-and-coming business. The right lawyer not only recognises this but works to give you the quality legal work with the utmost urgency.

[tweet_dis_img]There are 118,000 registered lawyers in England and Wales.[/tweet_dis_img]


It’s through understanding, that the right lawyer manages to work in your best interests. It might seem like money and expertise are the biggest priorities when looking for the right lawyer. Just as in any relationship, a lawyer and a client works well with there is a level of understanding and trust.

If you are looking for the right lawyer, we can help you. As a legal startup, we’ve been there, done it and survived – and you can too.

Final Words: How To Find The Right Lawyer

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