Five Things Not To Do If You’re In A Traffic Accident

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As road users, many of us don’t give much thought to what we’d do if we were involved in a traffic accident. However, there is the possibility that you may someday be involved in an accident. There were more than 130,000 car wrecks in Great Britain in 2014. Eventually, everyone’s time will come so you need to be prepared when it does happen.  

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In this post, we have detailed the five things you absolutely must not to if you’re involved in a traffic accident.


Fleeing The Scene


It should be obvious, but there are people who don’t stay at the scene of the accident as if fleeing the scene means you’ll get away with something you did wrong. If the accident was a serious one where someone was seriously injured or even killed, fleeing the scene can lead to you facing serious criminal charges.

Simply don’t flee the scene. You’re bound to get caught and be in a world of trouble. Pretty simple to understand.


Not Calling The Police


Even if there are no serious injuries sustained, you should still call the police especially if there is physical damage to your vehicle. You may need the police report as part of your insurance claim even if it’s just for the damage of your vehicle.


In accidents where no injuries have been sustained, many motorists don’t call the police. This can actually come back to bite you in the end because there are many unknowns about the current situation. For example, how do you know the driver’s insurance is up to date? Do you know for sure that your insurance company will cover you without a police report?


In cases of no serious injuries, it’s simply good practice. And it goes without saying if there are serious injuries then call the police.


Not Checking Other Drivers And Passengers


The first thing to do is make sure you’re okay first and foremost. Once you’re okay, you need to check on other drivers and passengers involved and make sure that no one is seriously injured. If you don’t do this then you could potentially face criminal charges. In fact, it’s a duty you must oblige as a citizen in most countries.


If there are serious injuries, then call the ambulance immediately. Don’t try and be a superhero though and treat an injury that you can’t. Offer help where you can like providing injured people with water or moving them to a safer location if you can..


Not Getting The Correct Information


Most people involved in a traffic accident have the due diligence to get the information of the other driver like their name, car registration number, address, etc. Also, don’t forget to write down things like the model and make of the car. These things are a must and are crucial for your insurance claim.


There is another thing that many motorists forget to do in the case of a traffic accident – documenting the incident. Perhaps you’re just feeling overwhelmed by the whole situation so it doesn’t even occur to you but it’s crucial. You should start writing down the incident.


Spark the process by asking questions like:

  • What was I doing before the crash?
  • What direction were you heading in?
  • What street was I on when the crash occurred?
  • When did I start to first notice the other driver involved?


These will come in handy when processing your insurance claim, will assist police, and also help you if the incident makes it to court for whatever reason. Another tip is to take some photo’s of the incident as well so get out your smartphone and take a few photo’s of your car, other driver’s car, and some of the surroundings.


Taking Action Without First Seeking Legal Advice


We know that many motorists will try to avoid using a lawyer as much as possible in these circumstances, but it’s simply bad practice. Seeing as this is their area of expertise, they’re certainly going to notice discrepancies and oversights you can’t see.


Secondly, if any charges or claims are made against you, you’re going to need legal advice to understand how best to deal with these issues. This is simply not something you can do on your own so before you submit your insurance claim and take any other action, consult with your lawyer first.



Traffic accidents happen every day but the reality is that most people don’t really know what they should do if they’re involved in one.

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We know it can be a tricky situation to be involved in, but the worst thing you can do is stew over ‘what ifs’ in your head if you have been involved in a traffic accident recently. If that sounds like you, then get in touch with us today and speak with a legal expert in this area for some clarity and clear advice.