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Opening Up A UK Office – How And Where To Find The Best Lawyers?

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Starting a new business is both an exciting and daunting process. Creating the right legal framework to protect your business interests from the outset is crucial and business needs then change according to each stage of your business development cycle.

So how do you find the best lawyers for you if you are opening a UK office?

Well firstly you will want to choose a lawyer who has the legal know-how and professional experience within a specific area of expertise. Your business will want specialist legal advice, where the correct person is chosen for a particular job, and where the advice given is relevant to its industry sector.

If you are starting business in the UK then you will probably need direction on the type of legal entity that you will be trading under. You will also benefit from advice on the type of documentation that your business needs. This will include areas like business leases, trading agreements, standard form contracts, intellectual property rights/assignments, employment contracts, HR documentation, internal policies and procedures, business controls, taxation and regulatory restrictions. It is always best to clearly define and particularise your agreements in writing to avoid any future difficulties.


Commercial awareness is also a must. Your business needs the best lawyers who can identify issues, evaluate alternative strategies and understand what is moving markets and driving business decisions. An appreciation of both the fine detail and the “bigger” picture places commercial lawyers in a stronger position to negotiate advantageous deals and deliver practical and cost-effective advice.

Getting on with your lawyers is crucial and so establishing a personal rapport is key.

Location: check out where they are based since some legal work can be done via email and correspondence but it is preferable to be relatively near to your lawyer for face-to-face meetings.

Costs are always the white elephant in the room! It is important to get a proper price estimate from a solicitor before deciding whether or not to use them.

Choose advisors who understand that effective pricing requires understanding your client, understanding your competition, and understanding your costs. Only use a solicitor who is prepared to work on a budget with you and clearly detail in writing what the charges are likely to be.

The best lawyers adopt a modern approach. Modern lawyers are overhauling their client service protocols and using technology to optimise client interaction. This, in turn, improves their operational efficiency, productivity and their ability to proactively manage risk. And this added value goes straight back to benefit the client.

Legal comparison soaks up time and resources. You may consider retaining external advisors who can help you manage the process. They will have experience of how to source the best lawyers, compare both price and value and take out the time consuming elements of the wider process.

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