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Around the Web – Protecting Buyers From Low Quality Digital Goods

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It’s that time again (smile) for another quick tour through a week of top posts of interest, both around the web and here at Linkilaw! Our first post takes on the landmark Consumer Rights Act, protecting buyers from unscrupulous purveyors of low quality digital goods – an important step in getting a bit of control over our cyberspace.

UK Consumer Rights Laws Now Cover Digital Downloads

And it’s official, as of yesterday. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 is now the law of the land. Author Jamie Rigg describes how this Act has combined other consumer rights laws into one clearer, simpler structure. For the first time, digital goods are included – covering ‘downloadables’ such as music, games and software. Buyers are entitled to refunds, repairs or replacements.

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Joe Parlock adds that this new legislation “aims to redefine and demystify a lot of the rights consumers have, as well as expanding those rights to new types of products.” Parlock also shares a nice clear breakdown of the legalese published by which.co.uk

Startup Challenge To Get Local Entrepreneurs On The Side Of The Angels

Global Entrepreneurship Week is coming (from the 16th-20th of November), and amongst the events being held in the UK is Startup Challenge Weekend (from 6th-8th of November). It’s a 48-hour boot camp to teach entrepreneurs how to pitch to real-world investors.

Organised by Startup Guernsey, an enterprise agency which evolved from one person 20 years ago, the course will be led by Charlotte Mason. Ms. Mason is a mentor for several accelerator programs (such as Seedcamp) and director for an angel investment network that provides more than £5m in seed capital for thirty ventures.

Delegates will learn how to turn ideas into revenue models, and how to market toward real progress. Participant’s goals will be put in front of real angels who have actual funding power. Everyone is welcome, and winners will be judged by an angel panel, including John Stares of Launchpad. Prizes include mentoring, financial consultations, and media, social media or presentation skills training.

People Are Better Together, How Can We Connect Them?

Transformed By You, one activity from Global Entrepreneurship Week UK, brings together communities, entrepreneurs and public services to come up with innovative technologies to improve their neighbourhoods. Technology-based solutions are sought, to give like-minded people a way to share their interests, and for those who may be isolated a way to stay plugged in.

The organisation feels that “the best ideas for these challenges often come from those who face them, rather than the public services that may support them. If you have a solution idea for a problem, get involved by posting your ideas and voting for others. Sharing resources is one of the best things about startups these days.

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Watch This Giant 3D Printer Build A House

3D Printers are all the rage, and we’ve seen them build everything from skull models to custom fitted bionic arms. Well, what if ‘mud huts’ could be erected in Africa, giving those with no shelter something to call their own? Italian engineering by WASP (World’s Advance Saving Project) is on a mission to solve global housing crisis, using their new technique.

WASP has designed a 40’ tall, 20’ wide prototype, eventually to be used with clay or dirt to ‘construct’ these homes in regions with little to no infrastructure. They’ve even thought of adding plant seeds to the ‘mix’ which will sprout and create a more solid structure over time.

This is just one example of how tech for good works – and how adding a bit of technology to a back-to-basics concept can put a whole new spin on our world.

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