Data sharing and GDPR – referral to Linkilaw Solicitors Limited


We confirm that we consider that it is in your best interests to refer your matter to Linkilaw Solicitors Limited. This is because Linkilaw Limited is transferring its engagements to that company. It is open to you to appoint another Solicitor if you so wish but this would cause discontinuity in the approach to your work, and it would also take another firm some time to appraise themselves of the current situation, introducing delay in executing your instructions.

As Linkilaw Solicitors Limited is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, you will benefit from the enhanced client protections available. We can supply details of these on request but typically will include more robust rights of redress in case something goes wrong.

Please be advised that we do not share data with anyone unless we are legally obliged to do so. This means that we will not routinely share any data or information you provide to us with anyone other than you, unless you specifically instruct us to, or you specifically consent to this.

You have asked us to refer you to Linkilaw Solicitors Limited. Please be aware that we will not share your data with them for any reason unless you specifically consent to that disclosure. We are not allowed to do so under GDPR, and Linkilaw Solicitors Limited are not allowed to accept referrals where data is shared in breach of the law or in breach of their professional rules.

Similarly, Linkilaw Solicitors Limited will not be able to share with us any advice that they might give you. Nor will we ask for it. They will advise you on these issues at the relevant time, if they consider it appropriate.

Generally we rely on contractual necessity, legal obligation, and legitimate interest as the bases for processing your data. Please see our Privacy Notice for further information.