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Download Our Free GDPR Checklist

This checklist will help you address some of the key questions in preparation for GDPR compliance, and start to assess current state of preparedness for the implementation process.

Much of the GDPR legislation is based around providing evidence of best practice in the way you manage personal data. It’s therefore important to illustrate steps taken or being taken by your business, even before you arrive at full implementation.

This checklist will allow you to address the following;

  • Whether you need to apply new GDPR rules
  • What new roles need to be allocated
  • Review the history of your data collection process
  • Review how you’ve been handling data
  • Help with embedding data management process
  • Start to understand the breadth of data required
  • Set up training manual for employees
  • Put in place steps for ongoing monitoring and review

Linkilaw specialise in delivering straight forward legal advice, not confusing our customers in legal mumbo jumbo. This checklist works on the same principle and is focused on helping businesses grappling with GDPR.

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