Prenuptial Agreements Are Smart For Everyone

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The recent and very messy divorce of Hollywood superstars Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has ruffled a lot of feathers in the media, putting at the same time the importance of a prenuptial agreement into the spotlight.

The couple decided to part ways, but before they are able to do so in the eyes of the law, a potentially lengthy and costly legal battle will ensue. Depp is allegedly worth US$ 400 million, the couple did not sign a prenuptial, and now Heard is pursuing spousal support. How much will Depp eventually have to cash out remains to be seen, but it is hardly going to be a negligible sum. Don’t learn from your own mistakes; learn from Johnny Depp’s mistake. Sign a prenup.

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Why is signing a prenuptial a very good idea?

We know what you are thinking. You’re not a celebrity and you don’t have $400 million in your account, so why should you bother with some kind of contract? And signing a prenup isn’t exactly the most romantic prequel to tying the knot, right? While the latter certainly is true, a prenuptial agreement isn’t something you should lightly dismiss before entering into a marriage. It is, after all, regulating the most important contract of your life.

As much as your entire being may be smitten with love and infatuation right now, marriages do break apart, and it is time you protect yourself from this possibility. Divorce is one cause of a marriage end, and so is the death of a spouse. A prenup will keep the assets and savings you brought into the marriage safe, so long as both you and your spouse agree to the same terms.

What’s more, many forget that a prenup isn’t just about protecting your money and other valuables, but can also help you to regulate mutual responsibilities in marriage; protect one spouse from the financial debts and duties of the other; as well as put in place financial care of children from the spouse(s)’ previous marriage(s).

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