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Are Online Wills Legal And Valid?

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Dorothy is a widow living alone in the home she raised her children in. When she turns 70, she realises that she has never updated her will after her husband died. But lawyers are terribly expensive and she’s on a fixed income. A friend from her weekly bridge game suggests a company that does online wills for cheap and volunteers to walk her through it.

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She goes through with it, peaceful that she has not spent tons of money but has secured her kids’ future. Only when Dorothy has passed does the truth come out that the online will had no legal bearing, leaving Dorothy’s estate mired in the court system for years to come.

Enter a common problem many unsuspecting individuals experience with online wills.

The Big Problem With Online Wills

Here’s the No. 1 problem with online wills: They are confident that you know nothing about making a will, otherwise you never would have used them. And by possessing just a bit more knowledge than you do, they can get away with charging you for online wills that are absolutely worthless.

Gillian Guy of Citizens Advice makes it all crystal clear, “When wills go wrong, people may lose their source of income, children may be left without a career, property is left in limbo, and the financial and emotional cost of dealing with the fallout is massive.”
Astonishingly, as many as two-thirds of citizens in the UK die without having a legally proper will. If you do opt to have your will done online, do everything in your power to research the firm that you’ll be using and use the Internet and trusted sources to determine if the company is legitimate. You also need to find out the basics about writing a will and getting it made legal. We’re not suggesting you go to law school, but knowing the answers to a few simple facts that get you a long way.

For instance, did you know that if your estate is worth less than £325,000, you don’t have to pay inheritance tax?

The very best website you can go to to get details on how to create a will is the Government’s, which has lots of straightforward advice on what steps and procedures must be taken to make a will legal. The best point the site drives home is that anyone can write a will as long as it is correctly worded, signed, and witnessed. However, trusting an online website’s word that everything is correctly done is a hard pill to swallow.

No matter who writes your will, it’s always a great idea to have a trained solicitor look it over to make sure everything is in place as made clear here by Anders OnBain.

A mistake here could be costly to you and every single person you care about.

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