Men In Divorce: Are They Unfairly Represented In Family Courts?

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A US law firm firm catering to male-only clientele is now representing clients in the UK. Cordell & Cordell has been representing male clients in the US since the 1990s. Chief executive, Joseph E. Cordell says that his services are about making divorce more equal, stating, “Men are still unfairly represented in family courts in the UK.”

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The debate on whether or not courts are biased against men in divorce cases in the UK is a fierce one. Many are skeptical about Cordell’s position, though. Not everyone believes that men are unfairly treated in court, and are concerned that Cordell’s position is promoting a false expectation based on gimmicks, rather than truth.


Susan Jacklin QC, chair of the Family Law Bar Association, is one such person. She says that the courts are there to protect the welfare of the children. A study by the University of Warwick funded by the Nuffield Foundation said much the same thing in 2014,with Dr Maebh Harding, who reviewed 200 case files from 2011 and found that contact applications by fathers were approved at 88%, terming it “overwhelmingly successful.”

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Glen Poole, an advocate for male rights in divorces, challenged Harding’s claim, pointing out that of that 88%, 10% only have what is termed indirect contact – meaning contact by phone, mail, or Skype; 5% can only see their children when accompanied by a chaperone; and 23% are limited to a few hours during the day each week.