1. Linkilaw Roundtable Events Outline

Linkilaw is proud to announce a new series of events we are launching – the Linkilaw Roundtables. This would be a great opportunity for virtually any “non-lawyer” to gain an understanding and knowledge on a legal topic that concerns them, directly from an experienced lawyer specialized in that field. The overall goal of these events is for you to walk away with confidence that you understand and are aware of the particular legal issues relevant to you.

The natural question arises, what would be the format of these events. The Roundtables will be led by an experienced legal professional with substantial knowledge of the topic in question on that occasion. On the other hand, the attendants will be people outside of the legal profession, who however share an interest in this field. Such interest may be borne out of professional necessity for entrepreneurs for example, or personal interest of business people wanting to enhance their understanding of the legal environment. The possibilities are limitless. The only condition for attendance is that you are genuinely interested in the topic and ready to ask questions and learn!

The way the Roundtables will work is pretty simple. The specialized lawyer will give a presentation on the topic concerned, providing detailed information about the most relevant issues you should be aware of, and what to expect if you are involved with such legal challenges. Than the floor will be open for you to ask all relevant questions to make sure you have gained a clear understanding of the topic. The number of places in each Roundtable will be limited, so there is a foundation for useful discussion, and that everyone has the chance to talk and be involved.

Besides gaining valuable knowledge of how the legal system treats the issues in question, the Roundtable is also a great opportunity for you to network with likeminded people. As the events will be focused on different topics, you can be sure that the other attendants will share the same interest on the particular topic, which sets the stage for fruitful and intriguing discussions.

The Linkilaw Roundtables will entail a vast variety of legal topics, so you can choose the one (or several) that best match your preference. There are no limitations or prerequisites to attendance.

Besides gaining valuable information, you can benefit from the Roundtables in a number of other ways. We already mentioned networking opportunities. Entrepreneurs and startups can explore potential partnerships, or find new ways and chances for expanding the operations of their businesses.

On a more personal level, you can always benefit from enriched legal knowledge on topics that concern you directly, be it employment laws, family laws etc. Law is all around us, and the more we know about it and its application to our personal circumstances, the more prepared we are to tackle its challenges and produce a positive outcome.

Linkilaw will be soon announcing the dates & topics of our Roundtables, so keep in touch and stay updated. Follow us on social media and our website.

2. Debate Outline Events

Linkilaw is honoured to present you a new great series of events we are holding throughout the next year. The Linkilaw Master Debate is an entirely new project that we organize every three months. The truth is born in the argument, so the essence of this series of events is going to be bringing together people with expertise or substantial knowledge of a hot legal topic and engaging them in an exciting and fruitful debate.

Bringing communities together to discuss the most relevant issues is an idea that we have had for a long time. To accomplish positive developments and understanding between the different parties to a hot topic is a noble endeavour, and it goes through listening to one another and expressing your opinions supported by facts and knowledge. Only this way can we reach the golden ration between different points of view.

To give you a brief idea of what to expect in terms of participants, you will have entrepreneurial teams, lawyer teams and many others, depending on the specificity of the topics and the opposing opinions to it. We will aim to match the perfect people for every Master Debate, so all attendants can be confident they will get the most of the event.

The Linkilaw Master Debate is going to be an exciting opportunity to gather with like minded people, discuss your matching ideas and see how they stand against the rationale of the opposite viewpoint. This way you can achieve a deeper understanding both of the subject matter and of the concerns of the other side, which can ease your potential arguments with them in real life situations. Moreover, such a discussion can hopefully lead to a new solution or approach which is more beneficial to both parties.

Networking opportunities are also a great advantage to our events. Who knows whether you are going to find your prospective business partner on your side of the table, or in the other team and you will ultimately complement your skills and believes to create the perfect product or service. The possibilities are limitless.

The overall benefits of attending our Master Debates are numerous. Extremely relevant topics, well informed and motivated participants and a great discussion – all prerequisites to having an amazing time.

Linkilaw is in the process of picking the hottest legal topics and preparing the perfect setting for a fruitful debate. For more information and the latest updates on dates and topics, please visit our website or follow us on social media.