Employment Law

As an employer or employee, you will almost certainly encounter an employment law issue at some point if you have not done so already.

UK and EU law has detailed legislation on employment and worker’s rights which all employers must comply with.

Employers in particular should be aware of their employment law obligations before taking any positive steps in hiring employees, and even more so, in the unfortunate circumstances of needing to let an employee go.

Even without employees, your business will almost certainly hire contractors and freelancers to perform services or deliver a project for you and it is important that both yours and their rights and obligations are clearly set out in writing from the outset.

Linkilaw’s carefully curated team of employment lawyers can help with preparing and reviewing service agreements, advise on up to date legislation in relation to key employment matters including pensions, maternity and paternity and sickness.

Employment Contracts

For any type of employment relationship there should always be an employment contract. The employment contract will include details about how much the employee will be paid and any other benefits, the days and hours of work, probation period, circumstances in which the employee may be dismissed, notice periods, if there are any share options as part of the package and any other information which may be relevant to the nature of the employment arrangement.

It is essential that businesses comply with their legal obligations and get proper employment contracts in place for their employees which have been drafted by a lawyer. Similarly, employees who receive an employment contract should read through it carefully to ensure they understand everything, and if unsure of anything, ask the employer questions, or get a solicitor to look over the agreement.

Director’s Service Agreements

A director’s service agreement is essentially a form of employment contract, however it also imposes additional obligations on the director being employed by the business.

Contractor Or Consultancy Agreements

This is a contract between you and your consultant or contractor. It specifies the duties and obligations of the consultant, the start date and fees, confidential information and liability.

Staff Handbook

This outlines the essential policies for your employees including the tone and organisational details. It tends to detail employee benefits, disciplinary and poor performance procedures, sickness absence policy, parental leave policies and health and safety policies.

Employee Disputes

Employee disputes often end in long periods of litigation. In fact, general counsels found that they were the second most common reason for ongoing litigation within businesses. Linkilaw can provide you with the experts to resolve issues regardless of whether you’re an employee or employer.

If you need to prepare any of the above contracts or have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.