Stepping Into The Shoes Of A Linkilaw Intern

Linkilaw Employee Regulations

Looking for opportunities during the intern season can be a stressful and time consuming process. However, when I stumbled across Angel List, a website which puts candidates in touch with Startups and SME’s, this all changed.

Some Context

I entertained the possibility of a startup internship for a couple of reasons, which for me distinguished them from larger companies.  Firstly, I wanted to feel part of a close-knit team and secondly, I was looking to get a perspective of how small business operate.

As student of Philosophy going into my 4th year of study at the University of Edinburgh I’ve yet to focus entirely on pursuing one career path but having experienced time at a couple of large Law firms, I’ve started considering the legal road.

Wanting to combine something law-related with a Startup or Small Business, I (quite fortunately) found Linkilaw, aptly described by Crunchbase as a “legal platform for Startups and SME’s”.

What do I want to get out of my 2 month internship?

In addition to the stated reasons which led me to Linkilaw, I knew I wanted to immerse myself in a learning experience about how startups operated and the challenges they faced.  I definitely wanted to get my hands dirty on as much as possible and there is no doubt you will get that taking an internship within a growing startup. Encouragingly, as soon as I arrived at the office, I was delighted to hear my aims very much chimed with the ethos of the team.

Linkilaw are in a dynamic, market awareness phase and key to their recent growth has been the delivery of a very successful events strategy, working with very high profile brands across the UK.   What’s exciting from my perspective is that my internship has been initially tailored towards helping push these events and increase the number of enquiries and general brand awareness for our services.

Having already been exposed to one of these events with a visit to one of the trendy WeWork spaces, I’m excited that my internship journey will never be less than busy and will challenge my own communication, organisational and public speaking skills.   

But this challenge will not be a solo performance as they have created a great synergy amongst team members at Linkilaw – something that is certainly reflected in the energy that is applied to tasks throughout the day, and also in the warm and friendly interactions that occur when there is a brief moment to step out of work mode. This welcoming atmosphere means that, as an intern, I feel able to approach any member of the team with questions or even to float some ideas around concerning a task – a great setup for newcomers to find their feet and to allow one to familiarize themselves with a wealth of new information.  I’m also seeing the importance within a small start up team of getting the right fit and culture in place.

Moving forward…

I should point out as well that whilst I am assigned to a role in events to begin with, the fun doesn’t stop there. As Linkilaw is a dynamic and constantly moving organism, it seems that you are never really focussed entirely on just one area of work. Because of the positive energy of this smaller team the appeal is that you can get a taste of other aspects of the company, such as marketing, sales or legal.

As an intern then you are encouraged to interact and share views across various fields as well as being exposed to the mechanisms of a growing business – to me that kind of experience is exactly what I signed up for.

It’s early days for me at Linkilaw and within the Startup environment but, I was looking for a dynamic internship experience with rapid learning and I am confident this will deliver both.


I highly recommend it!