reduce the risk of absenteeism in your business

Want To Reduce The Risk Of Absenteeism In Your Business?

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Here’s a transcript of the video “Want to reduce the risk of absenteeism in your business?”

Hello, Andrew Weaver here from LawyerFair. As a business owner, I can’t afford generally to be absent, but the risk of absenteeism can be an issue for businesses.

[tweet_dis_img]When employees go absent, it can hurt you in a big way and hold your startup back.[/tweet_dis_img]

We’ve put together a shortlist here of items that you might want to consider that help minimise the risk of absenteeism.

The First One Is Recruit Well

It’s clearly easier said than done sometimes, particularly if you’re growing rapidly, but I have a view that you should defer recruitment if the candidate doesn’t feel right.

If there’s any doubt, then there’s no doubt. Defer that recruitment and I suspect in the longer term it will work better for the business.

Number Two Is Flexible Scheduling

Much more prevalent these days with modern businesses but try and be as flexible as the business can absorb with that individual circumstances. Certainly try and encourage mobile or home working if that helps them be more productive.

Number Three Is To Incentivise

Don’t micromanage. Nothing worse than clock-watching micromanagement culture-making people feel unhappy at work. Just try and incentivise with small perks those that attend consistently throughout the year.

Number Four Is An Open Door Policy

Make sure that people are aware they can come and speak to you if situations emerge that might be affecting their attendance at work. Their uncertainty or fear of mentioning anything will certainly not help.

Number Five Is A Strong Team Culture

Studies have shown that team culture is a crucial factor in people’s happiness at work, and therefore the risk of them being absent.

[tweet_dis_img]reduce the risk of absenteeism[/tweet_dis_img]

Foster a positive and inclusive working environment and you’re halfway there I suspect to avoiding this being an issue within your business.

Final Words On How To Reduce The Risk Of Absenteeism

Absenteeism tends to be a problem for every business at some point and it can hurt in a big way. Using this blog post, you have some key short tips to reduce the risk of absenteeism in your business immediately so put them to good use.

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reduce the risk of absenteeism