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Thinking Of Hiring Through Social Media Platforms? Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Find The Right Person For The Job

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It used to be the case that social media platforms were the place to take a closer look potential job candidates. Usually, all it took was that one compromising photo at a party to send their resume tumbling to the bottom of the rubbish bin. Now, what we’re seeing is companies hiring through social media and finding great talent using it.

Times have changed dramatically in recent years, and while the ‘social’ is still very much a part of social media, such platforms as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become recruitment hubs as well, where companies and corporations create pages, brands, and identities designed solely to sniff out the best available talent.

But how do recruiters and human resource professionals wade their way through the ocean of likes, posts, pics, and tweets to find those candidates? Here are a few ways we’ve had success with hiring through social media over the years.

1. Make Your Company Seem Like The Place To Be

Facebook and Google got famous in part because of the inner workings of their offices – a place that featured slides and the ability to take a nap and wear what you wanted to. Instagram and Twitter can be particularly effective in broadcasting the neat stuff your company is doing; be it corporate outings, famous speakers in-house, or off-the-wall traditions like Festivus or Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

2. Have A Facebook Page

Your company, regardless of what you do, will likely have a Facebook page that acts as its public relations, marketing, etc., platform for interactions with the public. But a fan page, often centered around a product or service that your company provides, will introduce you to people who are extremely passionate about your industry in general, and your products in particular. 

You’ll find that people who really love an app your company has created are coders themselves who are seeking to break into the big time. Engage them in discussions about technique and performance and you’re creating a recruiting funnel that leads right to your office door.

3. Happy Employees Make Great Recruiters

If your employees are sold on your company as a place they are proud to work at, they are more apt to share that feeling through social media. Perpetuate this attitude by encouraging employees to share their work experiences through hashtags, photo tagging, and other social means.

It’s easy for a company to say it’s a great work environment, but when potential candidates see real people excited about a company, it gives them a social connection that adds tremendous weight on a decision to apply.

[tweet_dis_img]73% of 18 to 34 year olds found their last job through social media.[/tweet_dis_img]

Final Words: Hiring Through Social Media

These tips will make it much easier for hiring through social media. So use them to your advantage and leave all your competitors wondering how you’re able to find the top talent via social media and why they can’t.

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Hiring Through Social Media