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Your Personal GDPR Compliance Pack for £147+VAT

A DIY compliance pack with everything your business needs to be GDPR compliant.


What Is Included

Understanding GDPR Terms
✓ Email guidelines and Examples for Refreshing Content
✓ GDPR Compliance Checklist
✓ Legitimate Interests Assessment
✓ The Anonymisation and Pseudonymisation of Data

✓ Data Breach Notification
✓ Marketing Compliance Checklist
✓ Responding to a Subject Access Request
✓ Data Retention Policy
✓ Data Record Template
✓ Recruitment Checklist

✓ Training Staff Checklist
✓ Third Party Assurances
✓ Data Processing Agreement
✓ Website Cookie Policy
✓ Website Privacy Policy
✓ Website Terms and Conditions

How To Use Our Templates To Become GDPR Compliant:

Step 1: Get our pack, download our templates and have a read through the documents we’ve provided.

Step 2: Fill them out with the information specific to your business using our Guidance Notes to help you along the way.

Step 3: Implement any changes necessary in your organisation and run through our Checklists to make sure you have not missed anything out.

Step 4: Now everything is in place for your business to be GDPR Compliant!


Who Is Linkilaw?

Linkilaw is a legal service platform, focused on startups and SMEs. 

We offer in-house legal services and a marketplace of lawyers.

Our CEO Alex Isenegger has been named in Forbes 30 under 30.

We are proud that all of our services are of high quality and cost effective.

We’ve worked with over 3000+ businesses to deliver legal advice and services.

Our average contract turnaround time is 2.8 days.

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