Lawyer Marketplace: I Got 99 Problems But Legal Ain’t One

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We got 99 legal problems, but a legal glitch ain’t one.
We got 99 legal problems, but a legal hitch ain’t one.

Legal disputes are a pain. Whether you’re the founder of a startup or an experienced entrepreneur, there’s always some kind of legal issue lurking in the darkness if you’re not careful.

Worry no more! Here, we have a comprehensive list of legal issues and problems with the legal sector that you should always get help with!

1. Breach Of Contract


[tweet_dis]A breach of contract is a failure to obey its terms. A supportive lawyer will show you how to deal with one.[/tweet_dis]

2. Copyright Infringement


[tweet_dis]If copyrighted works are used without permission, you could be fined or jailed! Know what you can reproduce and distribute.[/tweet_dis]

3. Web Development Gone Wrong


Apple used to say ‘There’s an app for that’ in those ads with the dancing silhouettes, but there’s no app for taking a devious web developer to court. The next best thing however, is preventing a messy dispute in the first place and getting a Web Development Agreement as soon as you work with someone new.

[tweet_dis]There’s no app for taking a devious web developer to court! Draft a Web Development Agreement to save yourself the hassle.[/tweet_dis]

4. Trademark Infringement


When people get a tattoo, it has meaning to them. A trademark represents your brand and its values. It’s not for anyone else to use, and if that’s not respected it could cheapen your brand. Make sure you stake your claim to your startup’s identity by registering your trademark ASAP!

[tweet_dis]Trademarks represent your brand and its values. Stake your claim to your startup’s identity and register your trademark![/tweet_dis]

5. Founder Disputes


Business is a lot like love. Exciting and fun at first, but what happens when it all falls apart? Who gets the kids, the house, or the dog? A Shareholders’ Agreement is like a prenup for the next love in your life – your startup.

[tweet_dis]When founders break up, who gets the kids and the dog? Get a Shareholders’ Agreement – the prenup a business needs.[/tweet_dis]

6. Wrongful Dismissal


[tweet_dis]Fight for your rights! If you lost your job unfairly, get a supportive lawyer who understands you will fight your case.[/tweet_dis]

7. Employee Disputes


[tweet_dis]Disputes cost employers £13,851 per case in the Financial Year 2015/16. Avoid trouble with an Employment Agreement.[/tweet_dis]

8. Misrepresentation Of Contract


When a contract is badly drafted and there is room for details to be misunderstood, that can cause a helluva problem! Online templates drafted by anonymous ‘lawyers’ are jacks of all trades but masters of none. Find a lawyer who is specialised enough to draft a bulletproof document for your business.

[tweet_dis]Be crystal clear on what you want. Get a specialised lawyer to draft a bulletproof contract for your business![/tweet_dis]

9. Libel


Gossip as a kid meant losing a friend for a day, but now it could mean a hefty fine. Ensure that what you write won’t hurt the reputation of another person, and that you’re legally protected in the event that it .

[tweet_dis]Libel is serious! Saying the wrong thing could be expensive. Make sure a lawyer shows you how to avoid legal troubles.[/tweet_dis]

10. Slander


That goes for what you say, too!

[tweet_dis]If Mean Girls’ Regina George existed in reality, she’d be sued for slander! Ensure a lawyer shows you how to avoid legal troubles.[/tweet_dis]

11. Patent Infringement


If you create something that no one else has, make sure that the glory you deserve comes to you! With a patent, your intellectual property (IP) is documented and you can claim ownership of your ideas very easily.

[tweet_dis]Why do the work but have none of the glory? Protect your intellectual property (IP) with a patent.[/tweet_dis]

12. Hiring Employees


Hiring is hard. Create a company culture which ensures that the right people for your business behave as you’d like them too with a carefully drafted staff handbook.

[tweet_dis]Great companies have solid company cultures. A staff handbook will help you create one.[/tweet_dis]

13. Firing Employees


Firing is hard, too! By supporting your employees with a staff handbook, they will know exactly what’s acceptable and what isn’t before the going gets tough and unfortunately. The tough need to get going 🙁

[tweet_dis]When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Firing people is hard, so do it properly by following legal protocol.[/tweet_dis]

14. Breach Of Data Protection


If your customers trust you with their personal details and you breach that trust, it could land you in some deep <shut your mouth gif>. Make sure that you have a Privacy Policy to ensure that their data is protected and your motives with it clear!

[tweet_dis]Michelle Obama said ‘When they go low, we go high.’ With us, do both! Get a high quality Privacy Policy at a low cost.[/tweet_dis]

15. Breach Of Confidentiality


[tweet_dis]NDAs save the day! Non-Disclosure Agreements between you and other parties ensure that private information stay private![/tweet_dis]

16. Freelancer Dispute


Anyone that works with you on a project-to-project basis should know their rights and their responsibilities! A Consultancy Agreement ensures that every party stays in the know and there no room for issues.

[tweet_dis]When working on projects, make sure everyone knows their rights and responsibilities with a Consultancy Agreement.[/tweet_dis]

[tweet_dis_img]Disputes cost employers £13,851 in the financial year 2015/2016[/tweet_dis_img]

17. Wrongful Termination


[tweet_dis]Unfairly giving employees the boot is illegal – and could be expensive. Do everything by the book with a lawyer’s help.[/tweet_dis]

18. Non-Compliance With The Companies Act


[tweet_dis]Directors must know the Companies Act 2008 to run a business legally. Want help with the legal jargon? We’ll help you.[/tweet_dis]

19. Disputes With Competition


Disputes with competitors are on the rise. Appeals of antitrust, merger, and economic regulatory decisions are also increasingly common because of the high stakes involved. You’ve got to make sure you’ve got an experienced Linkilaw litigator on your side of the battlefield!

[tweet_dis]Disputes with competitors are on the rise. Make sure you have an experienced litigator on your side! #business #Linkilaw[/tweet_dis]

20. Investment


Securing funds for your startup is so important. Investors are more likely to trust you with their money if you show a level of maturity whilst handling your business. Creating a legal framework at the beginning of your startup journey is just that.

Investors will trust you with their money if you show a level of maturity while handling your business. 

[tweet_dis]Being legally competent shows maturity while handling your business. Investors love that.[/tweet_dis]

21. Disputes With Investors


You might’ve noticed that disputes are easily avoidable by now when legal documentation is created! Avoid the stress that comes with legal misfortune.

[tweet_dis]Quarrels with investors is never good. Avoid them like the plague with the documentation you need[/tweet_dis]

22. Non-Compliance With Financial Conducts Authority

The FCA regulates financial service firms in the UK. By not adhering to their rules, you could end up by being fined, being handed a court injunction, being prevented from carrying out regulated activities, and even have your reputation ruined by a public FCA announcement.

[tweet_dis]The FCA regulates financial service firms in the UK. Go against them and you could be in big trouble[/tweet_dis]

23. Negligence


Negligence refers to a failure of a person or entity to exercise a level of care necessary to protect others, whether in interest, or from physical harm, from actions or conditions that may cause them harm. For example, a person who drives 40 miles above the speed limit in a really dangerous way and who causes a car accident and injures someone would be charged with negligence.

[tweet_dis]Accused of being negligent? Defend yourself with the right lawyer. Has someone been negligent towards you? Defend yourself with the right lawyer.[/tweet_dis]

24. Breach Of Director’s’ Duties

Directors have a responsibility to oversee the day-to-day runnings of a business whilst being compliant to the Companies Act 2006. Failure to do so will lead to a lot of trouble that no business needs. A Director’s Service Agreement will ensure your directors behave accordingly while managing a successful company.

[tweet_dis]If you have directors in a company and they don’t know your rights, that’s a major issue! Sort it with the right lawyer![/tweet_dis]

25. Commercial Lease Gone Wrong


If you are renting a property, make sure that clauses that will protect your interests are included in the lease. Even in the event that your tenant doesn’t behave as you’d like them to, a lease drafted and looked over by an experienced lawyer will minimise the time, effort, and money that it takes to dispute cases in court.

[tweet_dis]Renting a property without the right legal documents could hurt you in the future! Make sure you legally safeguard your assets.[/tweet_dis]

26. Disputes With Landlord


If you think your landlord’s conduct is a bit shifty, have a look at the contract you signed when moving in! If it turns out that the living standards you’ve been subjected to are beyond what was outlined in the contract, then make sure you find an experienced lawyer to help with your case!

[tweet_dis]Having a dodgy landlord is something you don’t have to suffer with by yourself! Get the best lawyer for you![/tweet_dis]

27. Entrepreneur Visa Issues


Being an entrepreneur is hard enough without the hassle of worrying about Visas. A specialised immigration lawyer will be able to represent you. Just make sure you have at least £50,000, meet the English requirement, are able to support yourself, and are at least 16 years old.

[tweet_dis]Starting a business is hard enough. Make sure you have a lawyer who understands you and your idea.[/tweet_dis]

28. Using Cookies Without A Cookie Policy


If your website is used in the EU (which is most likely!) you will need to tell your customers that your website and/or app uses cookies and how they are used. If not, you could face fines, or even prosecution.

[tweet_dis]Having a website without a cookie policy could get you into a lot of trouble! Find out how you can be legally sorted.[/tweet_dis]

29. Not Filing Annual Accounts


At the end of a financial year, your company needs to file an account detailing any profits, any losses, and what the company owns, owes, and is owed! At best, you will have this information at hand and will have to deal with some hassle from the tax man; but at worst, it’s a prison sentence. The right lawyer will not only help you with writing these accounts, but also ask to see them if they haven’t already.

[tweet_dis]Make sure you tell the taxman about company’s profits, losses, assets, and debt, otherwise legal troubles could be ahead![/tweet_dis]

30. Not Being Registered For VAT When Selling Goods


If your VAT-taxable turnover is more than £83,000, then it is a must that you are VAT registered. If not, it might still be in your interest to be registered. Having a chat with a friendly lawyer should will make the decision easier.

[tweet_dis]Got a business with a turnover more than £83,000? You need to register for VAT with a lawyer who knows his sums.[/tweet_dis]

31. Litigation


If you feel like you’ve been wronged, you may be entitled to take legal action! Have a discussion with a lawyer who is motivated to work with you to get the best result, and see where to go from there.

[tweet_dis]If someone’s done the dirty on you, then you can sue! Make sure you find a lawyer who will defend you until the end.[/tweet_dis]

[tweet_dis_img]Do founders need lawyers to regulate how they operate among themselves?[/tweet_dis_img]

32. Falling Victim To Unlimited Liability


Unlimited liability means that you are completely responsible for any consequences that result from your actions. In a Limited Liability Company, the shareholders are only liable for a determined extent of any debts and issues.

[tweet_dis]With power comes great responsibility. If you have an unlimited liability company, limit risk where you can![/tweet_dis]

33. Dispute With Board Of Directors


The people in charge of the day-to-day dealings of your business need to work with you – not against you! Creating a solid relationship with a Director’s’ Service Agreement is a must.

[tweet_dis]Going to war with those who run your business is never fun. Get your Director’s Service Agreement ASAP![/tweet_dis]

34. Breaching The Consumer Rights Act


The CRA is the biggest shake-up of consumer law in a single generation. It is meant for you shoppers that spend 90 Billion per month, to do so with confidence. It gives a consumer all the rights you could possible need. Any business breaching this Act is usually fined.

[tweet_dis]As a startup, breaching the Consumer Rights Act could really hurt! Avoid the fear of fines with a lawyer that knows best.[/tweet_dis]

35. Unexpected Death Of A Business Partner

Touch wood, you never have to experience this. In the unfortunate case that you do, make sure that you get a Partnership Agreement signed by all the partners ASAP. It make everything easier.

[tweet_dis]A business partner’s death is difficult enough. Lack of legal clarity makes it even harder. Get a lawyer before you need one.[/tweet_dis]

36. Cost


Lawyers are expensive, and hourly rates are so 2016. Before you invest your time, money, and energy into legal representation, make sure you know how much it will all cost at the end of the experience.

[tweet_dis]Got a legal issue but think you can’t afford the right lawyer? Get mate’s rates from the legal platform that’s a startup’s best friend.[/tweet_dis]

37. Not Getting On With Your Lawyer


Having a capable lawyer is great, but having a capable lawyer who you like is even better. In any relationship, be that personal or professional, make sure that you never settle. If you struggling to find the right fit, we can help!

[tweet_dis]Never think that you don’t have to like your lawyer. Get on with your lawyer or you might not get the job you deserve![/tweet_dis]

38. The Law Is Complex


Supposedly, lawyers understand the law, so that you don’t have to. We think it doesn’t have to be that way. Find a lawyer who takes the time to understand you and make sure that you understand them.

[tweet_dis]You don’t need a law degree to understand your legal duties to your business. We make it easy for you![/tweet_dis]

39. Not Knowing Who To Turn To


Whether your legal issue is personal or professional, it’s tough to deal with. If someone you trusted in the past has let you down, finding a lawyer that will have your back is essential.

[tweet_dis]You are not alone. Whatever your issue, the right lawyer will understand you and your issue and work hard on your case.[/tweet_dis]

40. Not Having The Time To Find The Right Lawyer


[tweet_dis]So many lawyers, so little time. How do you know if you’ll get the right representation with the right qualifications?[/tweet_dis]

41. Time Is Running Out


[tweet_dis]Time stops for no one. You don’t have time to waste; neither does a good lawyer. Find one that works at the speed you need.[/tweet_dis]

42. Not Being Able To Find Investment


[tweet_dis]Investors trust responsible people with their cash. Being smart and getting legal advice will only help your cause.[/tweet_dis]

43. Not Spending Time With Your Family


[tweet_dis]Spend your time with the people you love, not worrying about legal issues.[/tweet_dis]

44. Lack Of Transparency


[tweet_dis]When you buy food, you know exactly what it contains and how it was made. Why can’t working with lawyers be the same?[/tweet_dis]

45. Lack Of Accountability


Let’s be honest – people don’t trust lawyers. We’re here to change that. Here at Linkilaw, we oversee all our lawyers’ work to make sure they are held accountable to you.

[tweet_dis]Feel like you can’t trust a lawyer? We’re here to change that. Get one that has your back without costing the earth.[/tweet_dis]

[tweet_dis_img]You need a lawyer if you have a turnover of more than £83,000[/tweet_dis_img]

46. Spiralling Legal Fees


There is a lack of transparency in how much lawyers charge per hour, how many hours it will take to complete the work, or how many lawyers it will take. For us non-billionaires this usually leads to our eyes popping out of our skull as soon as we see the final bill.

[tweet_dis]Afraid of unexplainable hourly fees plus legal jargon? Our straight-talking lawyers only give fixed fees for the work.[/tweet_dis]

47. Non-Compete Disputes


Disputes can arise when an employee begins working with another company after they have a signed a clause stating that they will work only for their current employer. These can drag out and make you haemorrhage money. Consider yourself warned.

[tweet_dis]Check employment contracts before you sign! If who you can work for is ever limited, make sure you’re OK with it![/tweet_dis]

48. Abandoned Merger

You have planned to merge with another company but an unfortunate event has made it impossible. You will probably have financial consequences if the merger procedure has already started.

[tweet_dis]When a merger comes undone, what can a business do? Talk to a lawyer and learn your options.[/tweet_dis]

49. Acquisition Gone Wrong


Just look at what happened to Sony. The expensive ($4.8 billion) acquisition of Columbia Pictures in 1989 probably seemed to be good strategy as it beefed up its entertainment efforts. It didn’t work out that way, though, and wound up being a $3.2 billion net loss for the company just five years later.

[tweet_dis]What happens to your business if an acquisition doesn’t work out? Talk to a legal advisor and see your options.[/tweet_dis]

50. Commercial Disputes


These disputes often arise from a payment default on the delivery of goods or a dispute concerning the payment or completion of a commercial project. You need a specialist lawyer if you’re to come out on top.

[tweet_dis]You better get that paper! If you haven’t paid for the completion of a commercial project, our lawyers can help![/tweet_dis]

51. Losing Tier 2 Sponsorship

When you finally get a skilled job in the UK – the one you’ve always dreamed of – but lose it because of a visa issue, your heart may literally break. It could have been all avoided if you got a Linkilawyer to look over your documents.

[tweet_dis]Losing a visa is tough. A lawyer can prevent that from happening or fight to keep you in the country.[/tweet_dis]

52. Debt Recovery

It’s 7 a.m., someone knocks at your door, a man with a suit introduces himself: He is a debt collection agent. He threatens to send you thousands emails and to come back everyday until you pay your debt. Basically it’s the recovery procedure when you don’t pay your debts.

[tweet_dis]Bills, bills, bills. What can you do when they get on top of you? A lawyer can help you look into your options.[/tweet_dis]

53. Conflicts Of Interests


A conflict of interest is a circumstance where a relationship with one thing could influence the decisions you make on another. This could happen in a business where the director, for example, has a relationship with an indirect competitor, which could influence the director to make unfavourable decisions towards the business or its competitor – the director’s interests are conflicted.

[tweet_dis]In business, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Avoid conflicts of interest with the help of a lawyer.[/tweet_dis]

54. Breach Of Investment Agreement


Sometimes when an investment is made, it falls through. When it does, prepare yourself to head into litigation. Here you could shell out a snowballing amount of money. Make sure you have your legal documents in place beforehand to prepare for every eventuality.

[tweet_dis]When it all falls down… you’ll need the legal documents to protect your investments![/tweet_dis]

55. HR Policy

This policy lays out how employees should handle a range of employment issues. If your HR department, or you, doesn’t follow this adequately, prepare to be taken to an employment tribunal.

[tweet_dis]Your HR department must know how to deal with issues + treat your employees or you could have legal issues on your hands![/tweet_dis]

56. Giving Away Too Much Equity


If you’re approached by an investor when first starting out and they ask for 50% of your business – don’t unwittingly give it away. Get a lawyer to check out the deal.

[tweet_dis]Don’t give business away to investors unless you’re sure! The right lawyer will help you make the right decision.[/tweet_dis]

57. Whether To Sell Or Not


Big question! But quite easy to answer. Examine the market, ask professionals in order to find out if it is the perfect time to sell especially for shares!

[tweet_dis]To sell or not not sell? A specialised legal advisor will let you know your legal options and help you figure it out.[/tweet_dis]

58. Employee Letters


These letters can be any number of things: make an offer of employment, be a written warning, a notice of termination. You must however ensure they’ve been written by a qualified lawyer to cover yourself.

[tweet_dis]Letters to lovers are different to those you send to your employees. Make sure employee letters are checked by a lawyer.[/tweet_dis]

59. Registering A Trademark


This is an aspect of your brand which you must register as a trademark to protect it. Trademarks tend to be names, logos, or taglines and are protected within the territory you register them in.

[tweet_dis]Protect your brand by registering a trademark. Don’t know how? The right lawyer can talk you through it.[/tweet_dis]

60. Applying For A Patent Application

If you have a great idea that is new and inventive – protect it! Make sure you apply for a patent! It might be a long and expensive route now, but it will save you stress and money in the long term.

[tweet_dis]Protect your idea with a patent or someone could claim it for themselves + make sure the right lawyer helps you![/tweet_dis]

[tweet_dis_img]Sony lost $3.2 billion 5 years after purchasing Columbia Pictures[/tweet_dis_img]

61. Late Invoices


If you forget to pay invoices, you could be taken to court and forced to shell out lots of money you may not have. Don’t waste time and pay these invoices now!

[tweet_dis]Don’t waste time and pay your invoices now – otherwise you could be taken to court![/tweet_dis]

62. Drafting Commercial Contracts


It’s hard to write a good commercial contract. You need to make sure that it’s drafted with all the parties in mind, and that it’s clear in the eventuality that something in your business goes wrong. An online template just won’t do.

[tweet_dis]It’s hard to write a good commercial contract. Make sure a specialised lawyer writes one for your startup.[/tweet_dis]

63. Being Unhappy With The Lawyer You Have


Your solicitor doesn’t return your phone calls? They’re never available? Your case should be a priority, and if they don’t treat it as one, then find another lawyer! A marketplace is good if you don’t know where to look, or who to trust because you can search for lawyers based on specialty and personality instead of going for the cheapest one when you’re bootstrapped, or an expensive one because you think that’s best.

[tweet_dis]Good lawyers are a special breed – not a rare one. Make sure you work with someone who understands you and your case.[/tweet_dis]

64. Letter Proposing Payment In Instalments


This letter details the terms of debt repayment if you can’t pay off the whole debt. You also can use this application for instalment payment to try and stop creditors from taking further action against you.

[tweet_dis]Got debts you can’t pay off? With the right lawyer, you can organise a legal document to pay it off in instalments.[/tweet_dis]

65. Dissolving A Partnership


[tweet_dis]Things not going well with your business partner? Dissolve that relationship and start over with a lawyer that understands you.[/tweet_dis]

66. Closing A Limited Liability Partnership


Though still the most common trading model for service providers, there may come a time when you need to close down an LLP. You need to ensure you have a lawyer overlook the process to ensure it’s legal and does not come back to bite you in the arse later.

[tweet_dis]Limited Liability Partnerships are common, but don’t work for everyone. Need to close yours? A lawyer can help.[/tweet_dis]

67. Issuing Share Certificates

Share certificates are legal documents given to shareholders by the company. Besides acting a legal tender, they specify the number of shares and other relevant information.

[tweet_dis]Got shareholders? Make sure they get share certificates drafted by a expert lawyer otherwise you could be in trouble![/tweet_dis]

68. Disclaimers


[tweet_dis]There are things you can’t control. Make sure you limit responsibility with disclaimers drafted by specialised lawyers.[/tweet_dis]

69. Thinking Legal Issues Can Be Dealt With Later


[tweet_dis]Legal issues are like weeds – harmless when small, but grow quickly and become hard to deal with. Get them sorted ASAP![/tweet_dis]

70. How Do I Know If My Lawyer Is Good?

[tweet_dis]A good lawyer will use their specialised expertise and uniqueness to support you. Our Linkilawyers do just that.[/tweet_dis]

71. Lack Of Support


[tweet_dis]Running a startup is stressful. Finding a lawyer shouldn’t be. A good one will work to understand you and your business.[/tweet_dis]

72. Office Sharing Agreement


[tweet_dis]Sharing offices with other companies can be great, but ensure that legal contracts are drafted to prevent stress later.[/tweet_dis]

73. Appointing A Non-Executive Director


[tweet_dis]Bringing in a non-executive director can be great for a company. Be sure your contracts are in place to prevent issues.[/tweet_dis]

74. Loan Agreement


Awesome, you have a loan! Are you planning to buy a house? A car? Little tip: If you ever forget how much you have to pay back each month, don’t worry, the loan agreement reminds you all your obligations!

[tweet_dis]Don’t understand the T&Cs of your loan agreement? Get a lawyer to help you![/tweet_dis]

75. Breaching Terms And Conditions


Whether your Terms and Conditions for your business are on your website or on paper, if they’re breached, you have the right to go to court! Find a lawyer who has your best interests at heart!

[tweet_dis]Breaching a business’ Terms and Conditions can cause serious legal issues. Talk to a lawyer before you sign anything![/tweet_dis]


76. Redundancy

Redundancies are tough on everyone involved. As an employer, you need to make sure you’re following the law when letting go of staff. As an employee, you have the legal right to take your former employee to court if you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly. In both cases, seek legal advice.

[tweet_dis_img]Setting up an LLC may seem like a hassle but it prevents people coming after your personal assets[/tweet_dis_img]

[tweet_dis]If you’ve been unfairly made redundant, then a supportive lawyer can help you![/tweet_dis]

[tweet_dis]Before you make redundancies, ensure you’re following the law! A lawyer will steer you in the right direction.[/tweet_dis]

77. Gross Misconduct


Just because your employees work at a startup doesn’t mean that you should accept bad behaviour from your staff. Make sure you write a solid staff handbook with the support of a specialised lawyer to let them know what you’ll accept and what you won’t.

[tweet_dis]Make sure your employees know what’s acceptable in your startup, and what isn’t with a staff handbook.[/tweet_dis]

78. Health And Safety Policy


Every good business has good Health and Safety protocol. If you care about the wellbeing of your employees and the reputation of your business, make sure your Health and Safety Policy is looked over by a lawyer that means business.

[tweet_dis]Without a good Health and Safety protocol, someone could get hurt! Avoid the emotional and legal stress with legal advice![/tweet_dis]

79. Breaching Regulations

[tweet_dis]Many businesses are regulated. Breaching regulations could lead to a risk of legal action. Avoid it with a lawyer.[/tweet_dis]

80. Working Time Directive Opt Out

This directive prevents individuals from working more than 48 hours a week, however you can opt-out of this by signing a contract. You can not opt out or work more than 40 hrs a week if you’re under the age of 18.

[tweet_dis]Employees can’t work more than 48 hrs a week without signing an opt-out contract. Or else, there could be legal issues![/tweet_dis]

81. Break Notice


A tenant’s notice to terminate a lease in accordance with a break clause. The notice should be served in duplicate and the landlord asked to sign and return the duplicate as acknowledgment of receipt.

[tweet_dis]A tenant must follow a ‘break clause’ when leaving a property. Don’t understand yours? Find a lawyer who does.[/tweet_dis]

82. Notice Of Breach Of Covenants


[tweet_dis]A covenant is an ‘unbreakable bond’ and if breached, there are serious legal consequences. Prevent these with a lawyer.[/tweet_dis]

83. Not Having An Exit Strategy


[tweet_dis]Prepare for the future. Talk to someone who understands your startup and prepare an exit strategy.[/tweet_dis]

84. Assignment Of Intellectual Property

[tweet_dis]Whether it’s a film, a song, or a book, make sure your Intellectual Property (IP) is protected with the right lawyer.[/tweet_dis]

85. Not Raising From An Accredited Investor

[tweet_dis]Investing in a friend or family member’s startup is wonderful, but you’ll need to legally protect your interests![/tweet_dis]

86. Supplier Dispute

[tweet_dis]Disputes with a supplier can cause delays in production. What can you do to prevent this from happening? Get your T&Cs![/tweet_dis]

87. Website Terms And Conditions


[tweet_dis]Every good website needs solid terms and conditions for its users to look at. Get yours drafted by the best.[/tweet_dis]

88. Ending A Contract


[tweet_dis]Breaking up is never easy, but ending a contract isn’t too hard with a supportive lawyer on your side![/tweet_dis]

89. Warranties In Share Purchase Agreement


A warranty is a contractual statement or assurance given by the seller to the buyer that a certain state of affairs exists. They are typically included in a share purchase agreement and cover most areas of the business.

[tweet_dis]Assure your clients + customers that they have nothing to lose. Get a warranty drafted by the right lawyer![/tweet_dis]

90. Subcontracting Work


[tweet_dis]If you don’t have the time or the skills to work on a project, get someone who does and have the right legal safeguards.[/tweet_dis]

[tweet_dis_img]My rule of thumb is don't incorporate until you start getting real revenue.[/tweet_dis_img]

91. Defending A Claim


[tweet_dis]You gotta fight, for your right… If someone unfairly takes you to court over money, get a lawyer who understands you![/tweet_dis]

92. Getting Sued


[tweet_dis]Being sued is never fun. Defend yourself and your assets with a lawyer who cares.[/tweet_dis]

93. Alternatives To Legal Actions

Don’t go to court, it’s costly and so long. Try another way. For instance, ask a debt collection agency to collect your unpaid and undisputed debt for you! Or don’t hesitate to petition the government in an environmental issue! They will make your life easier.

[tweet_dis]Make smart business decisions with a lawyer onside or you could lose a lot of money in legal disputes![/tweet_dis]

[tweet_dis]Deal with legal issues swiftly or they could get expensive – FAST![/tweet_dis]

94. Employee Grievances


[tweet_dis]Whether you own a company or work within one; employee grievances are a problem! Avoid them with the right legal advice![/tweet_dis]

95. Asset Purchase Agreements


These are agreements between a buyer and a seller that finalises terms and conditions related to the purchase and sale of a company’s assets. They must be drafted by a legal specialist or you can bet you’ll getting sued.

[tweet_dis]When a company’s assets are being sold, make sure you finalise the T&Cs with a legal specialist![/tweet_dis]

96. Initial Public Offering


When a company goes public for the first time, it is pivotal that all the legal documents are in order. Many an IPO has failed because of non-existent legal documentation. Don’t be silly, be healthy legally!

[tweet_dis]Avoid the IPO no-no’s! Get your legal documents in order before your company’s initial public offering![/tweet_dis]

97. Share / Stock / Growth Metrics Inflation


When going through an IPO or trying to attract investment, many businesses allegedly inflate their value – even some of the big ones! Be honest. Don’t run the risk of being sued by the investors, or employers.

[tweet_dis]Never lie about the value of your business – or you could face serious legal trouble![/tweet_dis]

98. Business Structures


When you start a business, thinking about the repercussions of your chosen business structure might not seem like a priority. However, if you don’t get in the know you could end up standing in front of a judge because you were not aware you had to pay corporation tax or file annual returns.

[tweet_dis]Don’t let the taxman take your #business! Get your #startup legally secure by getting your business structure sorted![/tweet_dis]

99. Discrimination

If your employer has treated you with discrimination, you have every right to take them to an employment tribunal. Make sure you have an experienced and caring lawyer in your corner to make this legal problem disappear.

[tweet_dis]If an employer treats you with discrimination, go to an employment tribunal with a talented lawyer in your corner![/tweet_dis]

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