assigning a commercial lease

7 Things To Consider When Assigning A Commercial Lease

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Your business has outgrown your rental unit but, there is still time to run on that commercial lease and you don’t or can’t terminate? Assigning a commercial lease is one of the ways tenants can end a lease early: a halfway house between terminating and sub-letting where the entirety of the existing lease is transferred to a 3rd party. However …

3 Careful Steps To Consider When Signing A Commercial Property Lease

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You’ve seen the retail unit you want, and you’re ‘gung ho’ to sign that lease agreement and launch your business tomorrow but you’re nervous about the potential liability and making a business critical wrong decision. We’ve listed below some key issues to consider before signing a commercial property lease agreement. 1. Short-Term Lease For The New Business Or Long-Term Commercial …

common landlord scams

Looking To Rent? Make Sure You’re Aware Of These Common Landlord Scams

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In every industry and in every market, you’re always going to get people who take advantage of unsuspecting people. The rental market is no different and there are landlords out there that think it’s okay to rip off unsuspecting tenants. While most landlords do the right thing, there are always a few out there waiting to take advantage of prospective …

joint tenants and tenants in common

What Is The Difference Between Joint Tenants And Tenants In Common?

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What’s The Difference Between Joint Tenants And Tenants In Common? In this blog post, we’ll briefly explain a common confusion when buying an apartment or house with one or more people. Do you know the difference between joint tenants and tenants in common? Both are legal ways of holding the property. However, the key detail lies in how the property …

Landlord - tenant

Landlord – Tenant Battles: 5 Ways To Solve Them

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Landlord – tenant battles can be a long and messy affair if they’re not handled appropriately. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] Most landlord – tenant relationships are good ones, but there are always some that go astray for any number of reasons. Maybe you have experienced this yourself at one point in your life or maybe you are experiencing it now and don’t really …

uk landlord

UK Landlord Responsibilities and Rights

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It’s pretty simple – if you rent out your property, then you have landlord responsibilities and rights. Unfortunately, that’s the only easy thing about owning and managing a property for let. Whether you’re currently contemplating an investment purchase, have owned rentals for decades, or perhaps just inherited a property with a tenant in place – the laws are the same. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] …