entrepreneurs and employees

Why Entrepreneurs Make Great Employees

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Can entrepreneurs really make great employees? The answer is a resounding yes! It may seem like a bit of a contradiction at first glance, an entrepreneur becoming an employee. After all, the definition of an entrepreneur is very single-minded in its essence. It’s about a single man or woman being able to start and lead a company from scratch into …

women in UK tech

Top 10 Women In UK Tech

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In 2015, Computer Weekly compiled a list of their top 50 women in the UK tech industry. Their list focussed on the role of women in technology, reminding readers that there are successful women in UK tech. If you Google ‘women in tech glass ceiling’ you’ll see why Computer Weekly’s article is so important. Jobs in technology, although frequently held …

skills gap

How UK Students Can Fill The Skills Gap

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You’ve probably noticed that there’s a problem facing many UK businesses – they’re running out of qualified local people to fill skilled and in-demand positions within their companies. This is especially true in industries like IT, engineering, manufacturing, and science. As the UK doesn’t seem to have enough local people to meet the demand for skilled workers, many companies are …

finding a co-founder

A Guide To Finding A Co-Founder

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A common challenge many startup founders face when building a company is finding the right co-founder. Life as an entrepreneur, especially in the early stages of a business, can be lonely and exhausting. This is the reason why finding a co-founder who you can trust and who can take on the responsibilities, the joy and the sorrow of everyday workload; …

seeders vs crowdfunders

Seeders vs Crowdfunders: What’s The Difference?

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Seeders, crowdfunders, bootstrappers, angel investors – are these the new nicknames for hip social cliques or are they investment terms? Funny enough, they’re actually both. Only, you won’t spot seeders loitering around coffee shops in similar attire and black-rimmed glasses – or then again, maybe you will! The point is – it’s all confusing, right? Comparing the latest investment trends …

startup funding

Top 10 Fintech Startups To Follow

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You can’t credit London with being the world’s top financial center without tipping your hat to the Fintech companies that helped put it back there. Moving at lightening speed, Fintech startups have redefined the UK investment industry –  and while it’s hard to say just how much they’ve contributed, we know it has been a multi-BILLION pound addition! With more …

Digital Disruption

Why Digital Disruption Is Good For Your Business

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Two words we probably never expected to be used in tandem – digital and disruption – have now become something of a trend. Much more than a new catch phrase though, ‘digital disruption’ can actually be quite alarming when fully comprehended as a market risk. Just as our way of life will never be the same – since the advent …

startup programs

Top 10 Health Tech Startup Programs To Follow

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There’s a wide variety of booming new digital industries prevalent in the UK today, and the category of health and medical technologies is one that’s making an impact. For the first time, the UK has topped the Times Higher Education ranking for life sciences subjects – with Oxford claiming #1 and Cambridge sharing the #2 slot with Harvard. The first …

knowledge advantage

Protect Your Company’s Knowledge Advantage

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Intellectual property has become quite the ‘catch phrase’ for perceived ownership of what a company conceives, creates or produces. In fact it’s only a part of the whole picture – the legal part, to be exact. While licencing and trademarking your brand and the items you sell is critical, it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to …