Are team Communication tools actually hurting your business

Are Team Communication Tools Hurting Your Business?

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Slack, a team-collaboration and messaging software, went public…without an IPO. And everyone’s talking about it. Going public with a direct offering is a bit riskier because it means there are no underwriters, or those that agree to hold shares they are unable to sell to investors through the offering. By going public with a direct offering, they were assuming they …

a focused marketing strategy for your business

5 Simple Steps Towards A Focused Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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Marketing – can’t live with it, can’t live without it. And many small businesses in particular, will sometimes fail to prioritise and/or not have the resources to drive that marketing strategy in a way that will have genuine impact on the growth of their business. Whilst you might not have the budget, resources or enthusiasm for a dedicated promotional strategy, …

what does ip law say about social media influencers

What Does IP Law Say About Social Media Influencers? – Linkilaw

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Weren’t We Always Told Not To Follow Strangers? Well, Social Media Influencers Are A Different Kettle Of Fish The era that we live in, labeled by many as an information revolution, has brought along many new challenges that aren’t always easy to understand. For example, the figures of ‘social media influencers’ did not exist a decade ago, and its role …

Social Media

Social Media: The Landlord – Tenant Relationship

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Who would have thought that two decades ago that something like social media would ever exist?  And who would have thought that it would influence so many areas of life, even business? One of the areas it has impacted is the relationship between landlords and tenants. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] Tenant And Landlord Screening Process Has Changed   Every landlord wants to know …

copyrighting laws

Copyrighting Laws When Doing Work Inspired By Others

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Copyrighting laws protect businesses and individuals against infringement of their work and ideas. It’s an area every business needs to take seriously if they actually value building a long-term, sustainable business. If something is copyright protected, it means that no other business or individual can directly copy your work and then claim it as their own for their own profit. …

Digital Disruption

Why Digital Disruption Is Good For Your Business

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Two words we probably never expected to be used in tandem – digital and disruption – have now become something of a trend. Much more than a new catch phrase though, ‘digital disruption’ can actually be quite alarming when fully comprehended as a market risk. Just as our way of life will never be the same – since the advent …

Marketing ideas

Finding Marketing Ideas For Your Business

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Last time we checked, there was no GPS device for business decisions. Ask your smartphone which direction to go in your marketing choices, and it’ll reply, “We don’t seem to be navigating anywhere.” (Ouch). That’s because GPS (and smartphones) can’t help you. Like an old-fashioned road map, you have to figure out how to promote your business by yourself. And, …

business success

How To Take Your Business From Strive To Thrive

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In today’s world business success is certainly possible, but it’s not something that you can accomplish in a few hours per day. It takes hard work and perseverance, patience and good decision making – and that’s just for starters. Many people think that running a business is as easy as hanging an “Open” sign on the door. Thinking that way …

Employee Referrals

Around the Web – Employee Referrals More Likely To Result In Successful Hires

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Welcome back to another busy week in review for UK business owners and entrepreneurs! It seems technology is capturing the nation’s headlines (and ours) this week – with QR digital tracing, and cabled roads soon to be tested in Britain which can recharge an electric vehicle’s batteries when driven over. Of course, it’s always news when a heralded Google employee …