Non Disclosure Agreements Are Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why 2

Non-Disclosure Agreements Are Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

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A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legally binding document that protects your business by ensuring that employees and other people involved with your business are not allowed to disclose sensitive information about your business, clients, and operations to the public. Any information that you deem important to the profitability of your business needs to be included in an NDA. Without …

avoid a legal battle

5 Ways To Avoid A Legal Battle

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Starting a business can be exciting and unpredictable. There are new people to meet, money to make and markets to revolutionise. However, one thing every startup wants to avoid are expensive and time consuming legal battles. Litigation can be completely unnecessary and totally avoidable. Listed below are the key legal weapons you can use to defend your business in a …

Does Your Business Have A Shareholders Agreement

Does Your Business Have A Shareholders Agreement?

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What is a Shareholders Agreement?  A shareholders agreement is a legally binding contract between the shareholders that complements your company’s Articles of Association.  It is a private confidential document that does not need to be filed at the Companies House but some terms of which must be replicated in your articles to be fully effective. The main purpose of the …

UK confirms legal status of crypto-assets and smart contracts

UK confirms legal status of crypto-assets and smart contracts

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The UK Jurisdiction Taskforce (UKJT), a taskforce of the UK’s Lawtech Delivery Panel, has published an expert legal statement recognising crypto-assets as property and smart contracts as enforceable agreements under English law. The adoption of crypto-assets and smart contracts was being held back due to uncertainty over their legal status, so this statement is crucial for this fast-growing sector of …

What’s A Director’s Service Agreement _

What’s A Director’s Service Agreement?

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What’s A Director’s Service Agreement?  A director’s service agreement is a crucial document: It sets out various rights and obligations that arise as a result of appointing a director. While having such an agreement is not a legal requirement, it creates certainty for the director and the company, allowing both parties to be protected in situations of dispute or disagreements. …

Partnership Agreements

Partnership Agreements: Everything You Need To Know

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Humans, by nature, work better together. Partnerships offer founders someone to share ideas and responsibilities with, and someone to succeed or fail with. When a partnership is formed, one of the first documents the partners should prepare and sign is a partnership agreement. If you’re entering into a business partnership, it’s key to have a solid partnership agreement to protect …

selling a business

Selling A Business: Are Your Contracts In Good Order?

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Selling a business is fraught with potential obstacles; your commercial dealings are scrutinised through an in-depth due diligence process to make sure that your business is worth what you think it is. Your contracts are extremely valuable. If your contracts and agreements are below par then you risk a buyer seeking a price reduction or walking away from the deal. …

Is my business legally compliant

Is My Business Legally Compliant?

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As a business owner you’re probably tied-up growing your venture and making sure you’re fulfilling your customer’s expectations. However, it’s crucial for you to keep up with all the regulations to protect your business and understand what may happen if you’re non-compliant. What does “legally compliant” mean?  Business compliance or being legally compliant refers to a company meeting its legal …

Service Level Agreement

Small Business? Don’t forget a Service Level Agreement

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A Service Level Agreement is an agreement negotiated between two parties where one is the customer and the other the service provider. Your customers have confidence in you and you want to keep it that way? A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the key to never disappoint your customers. What is a Service Level Agreement?  A Service Level Agreement or …

Business Agreements and Breaches

The Different Business Agreements And Breaches That You Should Be Aware Of As A Business

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When entering the business world it is important that you are aware of the different business agreements that are needed in order to run your company. You don’t have to be a legal expert, however, you do need to have a basic understanding of how the law works in relation to your business. A lot of jurisdictions around the world …