How To Write An Appeal Letter

How To Write An Appeal Letter

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Yes, it’s true. Even in the corporate world, there is a legal version of telling your side of the story.   An Appeal Letter is a formal tool to make a complaint against your employer or to challenge a wrongful decision made against you. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as explaining your version to your mum, friend or sibling. To …

Company Directors And Legal Contracts: A Linkilaw Guide

Company Directors And Legal Contracts: A Linkilaw Guide

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Company Directors And Legal Contracts: A Linkilaw Guide Just like movie directors are in charge of the daily film production, company directors are in charge of the day-to-day running of a company. However, when choosing, employing and dismissing a director there are strict rules in place as to what you can and cannot do. So, how can you make sure …

Has the UK hit the brakes on Uber? Transport for London revokes Ubers' licence.

Has The UK Hit The Brakes On Uber? Transport For London Revokes Ubers’ License

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It’s official. Prepare for September 30th. Transport for London, the regulator for transport across the city, has stripped Uber of its licence to operate in London. Why? It was deemed they were not ‘fit and proper’ to hold the license. Uber will not be allowed to operate in the city after their Private hire operator licence expires on September 30th. …

IP right protection

What IP Right Protection Do I Need To Stop Robin Thicke Stealing My Work?

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IP right protection represent one of your businesses most valuable assets and you should ensure that they are adequately protected. In March 2015, Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke were ordered to pay damages of $7.3m for copying the 1977 Marvin Gaye hit Got to Give It Up with Blurred Lines, the biggest-selling single of 2013. The fact they reportedly made …

Well managed business have Fewer Legal problems

Well Managed Businesses Have Fewer Legal Problems

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Sowing the seeds of a well-managed business, with sound policies and procedures, will reap the benefits later on. Having structured employment frameworks, customer relationship management systems and contractual agreements in place usually leads to happy employees, clients and suppliers and thus, fewer legal problems. Customers, Employees And Suppliers It clearly helps your business to profitably grow if you have the …

getting into bed with the wrong investors

4 Tricks To Avoid Getting Into Bed With The Wrong Investors

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What can you do to ensure you find the right team and avoid wrong investors? People do business with people, and mostly, people they like. As entrepreneurs, we believe our people instincts are pretty fine-tuned. But when you’re raising cash for a hungry startup or scale up, and the cash flow runway is getting shorter by the day, it’s easy …

online competition

Any Legal Issues If My Business Launches An Online Competition?

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A great marketing tool to engage with customers, raise brand awareness, gather contact details and increase sales is to run an online competition.  Legal Issues In Promoting An Online Competition But there are some legal issues to bear in mind which directly impact on the legality of promotional contests, giveaways and prize draws in the UK. It is important to note …

risk of staying local

Postman Pat And The Risk Of Staying Local

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Staying local has some risks due to the current Globalization of businesses.  Postman Pat will be familiar to those in the UK but if not, here’s a snapshot. Postman Pat [and his black and white cat] handle the post and special delivery for Greendale, an isolated village located within the heart of Yorkshire Moor country. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] Their postal adventures have been …

Why it's so important to use clear language in your will

Why It’s So Important To Use Clear Language In Your Will

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According to research conducted in 2016, 59% of UK adults have not written a will. Parting from this world without a legally valid will, is likely to cause undue stress on family members whilst resulting in unnecessary legal disputes. It is important to note, that a will needs to be well-written and very specific in the language used throughout. If …