Chatbots: Key Legal Issues And How To Mitigate Them

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We’ve seen a significant increase in the use of chatbot technology in 2019 and we expect to see further growth in deployment and development throughout 2020. If your business is using a chatbot solution or you’re interested in implementing this technology next year, you should be aware of the legal issues associated with it and how to mitigate such issues. …

8 Owner Liability Issues When Buying a Business

8 Owner Liability Issues When Buying a Business

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Buying someone else’s business is always a challenging process. You have to consider every aspect of the targeted business and think through potential issues that may occur along the way. The ideal situation is to buy an expanding business that the current owner is not able to scale properly, but this is not the most common case. On the contrary, …

What Does Vested Shares Mean And Is It A Good Idea?

What Does Vested Shares Mean And Is Vesting A Good Idea?

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What Does Vested Shares Mean And Is Vesting A Good Idea? No, we are not talking about questionable fashion choices today–we are talking about finances! Vesting in this scenario is the process by which a shareholder earns shares or stock options over a period of time. This terms will be determined in a Shareholders’ Agreement, but it is usually either …

How should equity be split between co-founders?

How Should Equity Be Split Between Co-founders?

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Equity split is one of the most important and controversial topics that you would need to discuss with your co-founder in the early stages of your business relationship. This is the moment where the arguments may arise. That’s why equity allocation and choosing the co-founders are very important. How should equity be split between co-founders?    Going into business with …

Tips to avoid common mistakes when splitting equity

Tips To Avoid Common Mistakes When Splitting Equity

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Splitting equity is a difficult and sensitive decision that co-founders have to make when starting a business. The result of this decision can lead to a stronger relationship where each co-founder knows where they stand—or it can turn into a complete nightmare. There isn’t one universal rule on how equity should be split, but we have some tips to help …

Splitting equity

Questions To Ask Before Splitting Equity

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Splitting equity in a startup can be a sensitive topic. How much equity does each founder deserve? The answer to this question is usually different based on each founder’s perspective and, consequently, can be a cause of conflict. But, if you ask the right questions, it’s possible to divide equity in a way that feels fair and satisfactory to everyone. …

Legal Advice For Small Business Owners: The Essentials

Legal Advice For Small Business Owners – The Essentials

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Small businesses accounted for 99.3% of private sector businesses at the start of 2017 and 99.9% were small or medium-sized (SMEs). Want to be part of this business owners’ world? Are you a small business owner wanting to avoid mistakes? Don’t know where to start or what you need? Here are the essentials for those seeking legal advice for small …