trademark stolen by a big corporation

4 Steps You Must Take To Avoid Having Your Trademark Stolen By A Big Corporation

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We’ve been saying for a long time that startups and small businesses need to take intellectual property seriously. Recently we were reminded of a story from 2013, about a young man named Turner Barr who had his trademark stolen by a big corporation. The thing that struck us about this story is how easily all of this could have been …

media law

Media Law: Why Duran Duran Lost Their Copyright Suit

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Duran Duran once sang that they won’t cry for yesterday, but a contract signed in their past has cost them copyrights on their own material in the present, and seemingly forever. Recently the famous band lost a High Court ruling in which it sought to reclaim the US rights to some of its most famous songs. The band was basing …

registering a trademark

What’s The Process For Registering A Trademark For The EU/UK?

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When your business creates something that identifies it against the competition, your task becomes paramount to protect that special something from imitators, flatterers, and downright thieves. The iron vault you’re now searching for has a name, and that name is trademark. UK Trademarks Defined There is not one all encompassing trade mark that is stamped onto your product, service, or …

trademark classes

What Are Trademark Classes And Why Are They Important?

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When you go into business, odds are there will eventually be something you want to protect and claim as your own. Whether it’s an advertising jingle, a logo for your brand, eventually you could be in need of a trade mark to guarantee that no one else will profit from your success. But, there are different trademark classes so it’s …

IP Rights UK: What Effect Will The United Patent Court Have On IP?

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You may have heard recently that the Minister of State for Intellectual Property, Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe, confirmed in November last year that the UK would ratify the EU unitary patent and concurrent Unified Patent Court (UPC), which is an international patent court. You may also now be wondering how that effects your IP rights here in the UK for a …

ip rights while interviewing

How To Protect Your IP Rights While Interviewing

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How To Protect Your IP Rights While Interviewing The job-interviewing process is as stressful as it is exciting, especially for the prospective employee in today’s highly competitive market. The stakes are high for the employer, too: The recruitment process is an expensive and time-consuming one, although even this pales in comparison to the cost, time, and effort involved in training …

That’s Mine! Intellectual Property & Oktoberfest

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Intellectual Property (IP) is ‘mind product’, the result of your ideas and creative processes. Any creative wishing to capitalise on their inventions and ideas should take advantage of IP protection by applying for either a copyright or a patent.   IP can be divided into two areas: artistic/literary work and industrial product, both of which offer legal protection against others …

Are Colleges Committing Copyright Infringement?

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To most observers, it would seem almost incomprehensible that an entity as prestigious as a college could or would violate copyright laws in its advertising.   But, the digital world and especially social media have made it more likely for copyright infringement to occur and it’s something colleges must be careful of just like anyone else. If they do violate …

Corporate Law: 5 Essentials to Protecting Your Data

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Software as a Service (SaaS) providers have been an absolute godsend to a growing number of businesses who, for one reason or another, don’t want to deal with hosting and maintaining their own software. The SaaS model we’re talking about here is anything but convenient: The client sends information on its own clients and employees to the SaaS provider, which …