Business Law – Cover Your Insurance Basics

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Business owners in the UK have recently seen positive changes in insurance law – notably, the introduction of the ‘Enterprise Act’, which acts upon the resolution of ‘late payment’ disputes by obligating insurance companies to settle sinister payments within ‘reasonable time’. But for this to happen, the business has to be properly insured in the first place, which leads us …

Legal Tips On The High Seas: Cruise Law

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It’s that time of year again: Vacation season is around the corner. If hopping on a cruise is your preferred type of holiday, keep reading, because it’s time to get ready! Pack your suitcase with summer clothes and soak up these important legal tips so you can enjoy a safe and carefree cruise vacation. The intricate world of maritime law …

Why your business should conduct an annual audit

Why Your Business Should Conduct An Annual Audit

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As a high-reaching business owner trying to keep up with the ever growing competition and customers’ demands, you probably like to cut corners whenever possible. If we’re right, then you may have frowned at the piece of advice from our title, but give us the benefit of the doubt for a second. While the benefits of conducting an annual audit …

protect your intellectual property

Why You Need To Protect Your Intellectual Property

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All businesses need to be aware of intellectual property rights (“IPRs”) and take the necessary measures to protect them. Regardless of whether you are a multinational corporation or a recently established startup, you do have intellectual property. By making sure your IPRs are adequately safeguarded, you’re raising the value of your business. What Is IP? Intellectual property is virtually anything …

employment contracts

How To Choose Employment Status And Contracts ?

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There are so many different ways to employ someone these days. From independent contractors (freelancers) and subcontracted work (through agencies or industry specialists) to workers and employees – it’s a thin line that separates the similarities from the distinctions. Yet, the one thing they all have in common is a contract of employment; something which defines the work to be …

Employee Referrals

Around the Web – Employee Referrals More Likely To Result In Successful Hires

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Welcome back to another busy week in review for UK business owners and entrepreneurs! It seems technology is capturing the nation’s headlines (and ours) this week – with QR digital tracing, and cabled roads soon to be tested in Britain which can recharge an electric vehicle’s batteries when driven over. Of course, it’s always news when a heralded Google employee …

register a business

Entrepreneurs At Work: The Logistics of a Startup

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Okay, so you’ve chosen a business name and decided whether you want to be a Sole Trader or co-owner with benefits, and you even have a good idea for a great location –  what’s next? Well, now it’s time to get down to business. Let’s make you authentic in the eyes of those who will be purchasing your goods or …