How DIY wills go wrong and how to fix them

When DIY Wills Go Wrong And How To Fix Them

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The internet has made it easier than it’s ever been for people to access legal services. Over the last decade, accessing legal documents has seen a growth amongst online users. There are many dangers and pitfalls with using such online downloadable templates. However, these issues don’t always stop people who are looking for the cheapest option even if it means …

children's inheritance

How To Protect Your Children’s Inheritance

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Every loving parent will go out of his or her way to make sure that his or her kids have the brightest future possible. And while most parents mean well, sometimes they make inadvertent mistakes that can tamper with their children’s ability to have the best prospects in life.  This is why you need to understand how to protect your …

cohabitation agreement

What’s A Cohabitation Agreement And Why Is It Important To Have One?

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You’re part of a couple, but you’re not married, and you have made the decision to move in together. Quite exciting, isn’t it? Numbers show you are definitely not the only one. According to the latest data, the cohabiting couple family continues to be the fastest growing family type in the UK in 2015, with an altogether increase of 29.7% …

UK law

Why UK Law Says Adultery Doesn’t Apply In Divorce For Same Sex Couples

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Same-sex marriage has been legalised in the United Kingdom in 2014 (with the exception of Northern Ireland). That’s a great, if not slightly belated, step forward for human rights in our little corner of the world. However, remnants of previous, more conservative times are still present and, frustratingly, can be found in the most confounding legal caveats of UK law. …

Prenuptial Agreements Are Smart For Everyone

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The recent and very messy divorce of Hollywood superstars Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has ruffled a lot of feathers in the media, putting at the same time the importance of a prenuptial agreement into the spotlight. The couple decided to part ways, but before they are able to do so in the eyes of the law, a potentially lengthy …

family disputes

What Is A “Children Scheme” In Family Disputes?

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What Is A “Children Scheme” In Family Disputes? Family disputes are perhaps the most painful and delicate of all, which is why most people want to take the quickest and simplest road to their legal resolution. To that effect, this July IFLA (The Institute of Family Law Arbitrators) has launched the so-called “Children Scheme” developed by a team of leading …